New Spherical Tyres From Good Year Are Straight from a Sci-Fi Movie

When it comes to Sci-Fi vehicles, what most people usually think of is levitation, and there is no small amount of outrage because this technology is not widely used yet. 

On the other hand, some of the recent outbreaks in tyre development seem even more impressive.  

Our phones are getting smarter, our homes are getting smarter and it was about time that our car tyres became smarter, as well. 

Here are a few things you need to know about these new spherical tyres that look like they come straight from a Sci-Fi movie.  


Manufacturing Technology  

While this idea exists for quite a while, what we lacked to make it come to life was the manufacturing technology. Today, however, with modern 3D printers, tyre manufacturers can make an incredible thread design capable of fulfilling even the most complicated of these operations.   

Still, this thread design is not the only futuristic tech that we have at our disposal. To satisfy all those lamenting over the lack of levitation in the automotive industry, these tyres should be connected to the car with the help of maglev technology.   

Universally Applicable  

Every single car owner out there knows just what a drag it is to change tyres according to seasons. Not only is having two sets of them an expense you don’t need, but it is also annoying to change them every now and then.   

After all, the necessity of winter tyres is not determined by the date, but by the road conditions. To make things even better, they also take your personal driving habits (like average speed and probability of tailgating) into consideration.  

By keeping in mind factors like temperature, rain quantity, snow falling risk and elevation, Good Years’ spherical tyres adapt to suit your needs.   

Inspired by biomimicry, these tyres have a sponge-like groves design, which softens on occasion in order to create a bit more aquatic resistance. In case of rain, the spherical shape of these tyres allows them to completely eject water by using centrifugal force.  


Better Driving Experience Quality  

Even though it may seem so, these tyres are not made only for driving in extreme conditions. Even when everything is ideal, you can see the difference in the quality of the overall driving experience. When the road is dry, the aforementioned grooves will stiffen making your movements much smoother.  

Still, the most obvious improvement is that, because of their spherical shape and lack of mechanical fixation, driving with these tyres creates fluid lateral movements. This also means that overtaking your obstacle while still staying in direction becomes easier and more natural.  

Improved Safety  

There is a statistic claiming that 90% of all traffic accidents are caused by human mistakes. However, this doesn’t always involve tailgating and speeding. Sometimes, it can also be about underestimating the road.   

Now, when you hit a bit wetter or more slippery part of the road, your tyres will recognize it and adapt accordingly. All of this is detected by sensors, which leaves you free to enjoy your drive. One last thing, these kinds of tyres give you a larger contact patch with the road, which also means more stability.  


There are those who wait for the future, while there are others who realize that the future is already here. Sure, it may not be just like you imagined it, but this doesn’t mean that the actual solution is not even more impressive than what you have seen in the movies.

All that could be said about these spherical tyres is that they are as revolutionary as they are unexpected and that they threaten to raise the quality of the overall driving experience to a whole new level.


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