GarageBand Alternatives: Best Digital Audio Stations for your Mac and PC

GarageBand Alternatives: Best Digital Audio Stations for your Mac and PC
GarageBand has been around for quite a while now and everyone knows or has come across the name GarageBand at least once in their life. If you have no idea about what GarageBand is, let us help you with that. GarageBand is a software developed and sold by Apple Inc which allows you to create music and podcasts.
GarageBand is a Digital Audio Workstation software, exclusive to iOS and MacOS users and is a part of iLife software suite. GarageBand allows you to create various tracks with instrumental effects of variety, voice recordings, premade MIDI keyboards, and premade loops. You can do all of this with their music and podcast creation system.
As GarageBand for PC is also available, it is considered the best software for creating high-quality music and podcasts. But the only problem with it is that it is designed only for Mac. The Android version is the too, but the Android version is not as good as the one for Mac and that is because of the complex functions because of which it lags on PC a lot.
However, that is not the end of the road for you because there are other apps which serve the same function as GarageBand and will be perfect for you. Here are some of the best GarageBand alternatives which are available on your Android devices, so that you can make music easily.
1. Mixcraft 8
Mixcraft 8 has been there for a few years and is considering to be one of the best alternatives to GarageBand. The bear part of it is that it is exclusive for Windows Operating System. There are three versions of Mixcraft 8 and are as follows:
  • Mixcraft Home Studio- This is the most basic version of Mixcraft 8 which is designed for the people who are newcomers and do not really need top class features of Mixcraft 8.
  • Mixcraft Recording Studio- This is the second version of Mixcraft 8 which is a modified and an upgraded version of Mixcraft Home Studio but is not the top version. This does not have features like the top version but has better features than the Home Studio version.
  • Mixcraft Pro Studio- As suggested by the name, Mixcraft Pro Studio is for professionals who use it for making the music and not just playing around. The features of this version can be used to the full extent by professionals only and not amateurs. 
 2. FL Studio 12
FL Studio is another Digital Audio Workstation which acts as a perfect replacement for GarageBand. FL Studio is designed by Image-Line, back in 1997, which shows how old this is and is still going strong. The reason for its popularity is that it is compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. In addition to this, FL Studio supports cross-platform sharing as well. They launch new features in every update. FL Studio is flexible too because of various plug-ins supported by it. Some of the best and latest features which have been added in the latest update are:
  • New vectorial UI
  • Updated plugins.
  • Multi-touch support
  • Redesigned mixer
  • Improved 32 and 64-bit plugin support
  • Improved file management.
3. Magix Music Maker
Magix Music Maker is another best alternative for GarageBand which is a popular music editor software, designed for Windows OS. Magix Music Maker helps you import as well as export media in a lot of formats, some of which include JPEG, MP3, CD-DA, MIDI, AIFF, WAV, WMA, BMP, Ogg Vorbis, and a lot of other formats. But, in order to make sure that you are able to use Magix Music Maker, you need to fulfill the following requirements:
  • A 2 GHz processor or higher.
  • A DVD-ROM drive.
  • 4.2 GB free HDD space.
  • A Sound Card.
  • A Graphics Card.
Magix Music Maker provides the top class performance to you because of such amazing features, which you cannot find in other digital music software.
The above-mentioned software is some of the best GarageBand alternatives which you will ever come across. These are the best which we were able to find for you. You can try each one on your PC and see which one works perfectly for you. Most of these are paid so you will have to spend a minimal amount to use their services. You can also make use of their trial period, which is free of charge.
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