The Futuristic ‘Smartphone City’ at your doorstep

The Internet of Things (IOT) could allow you to wake up and experience the ideal day. You’d wake up in the morning to an alarm clock, for instance, which went off at the right time because it looked at your calendar to see the time of your first meeting. The alarm clock backtracked to see how it would take you to get ready and even checked to see what time your bus would arrive.


While taking a bath, you’d lean- perhaps through an audio announcement – about how you’ll need to leave the house five minutes early because of traffic conditions. While en route to the bus, your Smartphone will tell you the bus is running late, so there’s no need to rush. This type information would be served up all day; your coffee machine at world could brew a cup before you arrive, for instance, or your laundry at home could start to wash and then dry around lunchtime.  

All of these connected devices are being handled by automatic systems over a wireless network. The result? You have a smart home, thanks to smart appliances and invention of Smartphone. Say hello to the future, say hello to the Internet of Things.

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Credit: Sheltrex  

The BOTsworth family

The BOTsworth family consists of hundreds of hard working BOTs, all performing various tasks to keep the city in order. These BOTs run on a state-of-the-art platform called Datonis that leverages OpenSource and BigData technologies to manage 1 billion data points per day. These data points are collected from the different BOTs and communicated to the residents via the Smartphone. They will always paint the right picture about what is happening in the Smartphone city, making it one big information system.  


The Smartphone city will be secured by Geo-fencing which is tracking technology. When a person or a vehicle enters the perimeter of city or a certain profiled are the TrackerBot records this information and it is available on request on your Smartphone. Now you can keep a look out for your children even in your absence!  


The DoorBot sends a visual notification to your Smartphone, every time you have a visitor. You can also lock and unlock your door, through your Smartphone with digital door lock and say good-bye to jingling keys! Old people and children can use fobs, a key-less entry to the house just like you open your car remotely.  


The bots are not all work and no play! The TelevisionBot connects the smart TV in your home with the FTTH (fibre to the home) technology. This super smart bot can give you simultaneous access to the internet, telephone as well as television with features like Video on Demand, Parental Controlling, Video Calling, etc. You can now control what your child watches as the TelevisionBot notifies you of the current programming running on your television set even if you’re at work.  


The WaterBot alerts you on your Smartphone in case there is any water leakage in your home and is equipped to manage water supply as per your command. Along with monitoring water usage, this bot is also responsible for water hygiene purity and along with other bots participates in managing the entire water distribution in the city.  


The PowerBot records the usage of electricity in your home. You can thus avoid exhaustive bills and stay eco friendly all with the swipe of a screen. This bot also has a vacation mode and you can control the electricity to only critical appliances in your home when on vacation. This makes an effective and efficient use of electricity and thus helps in reducing the carbon foot print from environment.  

Phone control – Home control

So with a swipe of a screen, you are able to monitor electricity usage, get alerted about a water leakage, have parental control on the TV, or even track your child on her way to school. The BOT technology is on the basis of the Internet OF Things (IOT).

Via the BOTs-App which can:Monitor and manage utilities like electricity, water and gas.

  • Access Home Security using smart digital door locks.
  • Access Township Security using smart surveillance.
  • Enable FTTH (Fibre to Home) for Internet, Video, Telephony and Video on Demand.
  • Enable asset tracking for cars & people using smart Geo-fencing technologies.

The transformative power of the Smartphone comes from its size and connectivity. The boring old PC sitting on your desk does not know much about you. But Smartphone travel around with you, they know where you are, which websites you visit, even how healthy you are.

The combination of size and connectivity means the knowledge can be shared and aggregated, bridging the realms of bits and atoms in ways that are both personal and professional. In the future, your smartphone might recommend a career change or even books a doctor’s appointment to treat your heart murmur before you know anything is amiss. (Source: Sheltrex)


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