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With the advancement of technology, Marine transportation has become innocuous in the form of marine electronics. And in these modern and advanced technologies, Fusion holds its worth. Founded in New Zealand is a well-known audio brand, having a passion for music, cars, and the surrounding culture, fusion succeeded by growing steadily to become the champion globally. Being effective in cars, fusion started to move a step towards marines known as Fusion marines. Fusion marine audio system is one of the widely used systems due to its durability and reliability.

Fusion is an integrated brand or you can say a brand of  Garmin marines working worldwide. Innovative thinking in fusion marine stereo technology led to fusion’s growth into new product classes and developed a massive range of marine audio products in the world. Fusion entertainment system is chosen by those who love acoustic excellence and give superior environmental protection, making fusion a measure of quality and class.

Core Products

The fusion entertainment system has the following products categorically:

·   Marine Receivers – lots of things make fusion better and different. Starting with the Fusion-link, which enables them to synchronize with navigation electronics. It also includes a zone control system to adjust the volume in different areas of a boat being ultra-efficient in every way. Fusion gives you a fully-fledged media receiver, letting you enjoy your music from your phone or any other device, making itself just right for you and your vessel.

·   Marine Speakers – any speaker produced in the world can be a rough thing for marines due to heat, salt, humidity, water-sprays, high-pressure, etc. that decreases the life of speakers. But fusion marine stereos are designed in such a way to face the worst of the worst, giving you still a perfect sound of music to hear.

·   Marine Amplifiers – amplifiers of fusion marine audio system bring you the best music sound while keeping out the sprays, humidity and moisture that makes other equipment into the ballast. Having a heat-tempered and coated circuit board connector ensures a long life for the product.

Fusion and Innovation

Fusion marine technology has advanced with the following innovations in its audio industry.

·   FUSION-Link – It is an industrial standard for entertainment integration with the most respective boating brands such as Garmin marine technologies etc. Fusion-link is a certified system allowing a multi-function display (MFD) to integrate with its systems. It was built on an idea to give an unrivaled performance under harshest conditions.

·   FUSION True-Marine – Fusion true-marine products are high-quality materials having cutting-edge technology with a clear focus on the comfort of use. Keeping the performance and longevity in mind, all of the true-marine products are designed from the ground up, especially for water use. Being rigorously tested for environmental protection, true-marine is on the top having a worldwide consumer warranty.

·   Multi-Zone Technology – Multi-zone technology of fusion creates a fully customized fusion marine audio system unlike any other brand’s product in the world. It lets you enjoy outstanding audio in your preferable zones. They can either be one, two, three or four zones. Each zone has its volume control system and settings, allowing you to listen to your favourite music at varying levels you want.

·   Marine Amplifier Technology – Based on our customers’ feedbacks, fusion challenged its engineering technology team to generate/produce a solution that just not only increases the output of marine stereo but also absorbs less current for better battery life. Fusion is only the one to step in this new modern and advanced technology for marine entertainment and is continuously working on the betterment of its technologies and the marine environment.

·   CURV Cone Technology – This CURV Cone technology is a process of engineering that has created durable, innovative and superior performance composite cone which is light as well as stiff. It is a polypropylene material, extruded and drawn into tapes and weaved to produce a self-reinforcing PP composite making it stronger and durable.

Understanding the Aspects of Fusion

Fusion entertainment is a top-class audio/stereo service provider having exceptional products. The high demand for fusion products is due to the following aspects:

·   Mounting – You can do flat mount, surface mount or ball mount as per your installation requirements using the fusion products.

·   Power – To drive your entertainment system, each product reflects the maximum power production from the peak power output rating.

·   Product Engineering – The latest design and engineering of products conveys superior performance to each of the products.

·   Amplifier Technology – It covers the output and class specifications containing RMS power per channel with a minimum impedance of the speaker.

·   Cone – to best suit the design of the speaker, different types of materials are used keeping in mind the target environment to create a high-quality sound.

·   Water Resistance Standard – It has an IPX standard known as Ingress Protection Rating which shows a level of protection and resistance of each product against the dust and water ingress, giving you peace of mind when you’re out on the water.

·   Configuration – Every fusion stereo and amplifier has many line outs, sub outs and channels that can be easily customized conforming to your audio requirement giving you a perfect audio entertainment solution for your boat.

·   LED Lighting – Ambient LED lighting enhances your entertainment experience onboard. Fusion has got different lighting options in a complete range of subwoofers and speakers to suit all the aesthetics of your boat.

·   Tweeter – they include different types of tweeters to compliment the speaker designs for high-frequency, crisp and reproduction of audio.

·   User Interface – Fusion marine entertainment system provides an enhanced user experience with its intuitive stereo control system, letting you enjoy your beautiful journey.

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