Fun Destinations for Solo Female Travelers

Are you an independent, possibly single woman who has dreams of exploring the world? Are you a medical or recreational cannabis connoisseur? 

Both can be combined in a destination-hopping, cannabis-filled vacation. As a female traveling solo or with other female friends, you’ll want to make sure that your destinations are safe for women traveling alone. 

Thankfully, like the US who legalized marijuana in 2017, the world is full of marijuana-friendly vacation spots that are also safe for women who travel solo. 

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Sydney, Australia

Australia has a backpacking and surfing culture that means the country’s hostels, bars, and restaurants are familiar with solo travelers. Foodies will love visiting the country for the wine trails alone. Camper and hiking trails are easy to find. 

Keep in mind for the cannabis savvy that Sydney is located in New South Wales, where marijuana is technically illegal. As a whole, the city takes a treatment over punishment approach and arrests are largely at police discretion if a person is carrying under 15 grams. Offenders may receive up to two ‘cautions’ that include a referral for treatment. Be advised, however, that even if you are not arrested, the cautions are still on your record for police to see. 

Reykjavik, Iceland

Ranked at number one on the Global Peace Index, Iceland is not only a current vacation hotspot, it is one of the safest places for women to travel alone. It is one of the country’s focal points for tourism – see the Blue Lagoon and the Aurora Borealis – but gender equality and safety are relative non-issues for the land of ice and snow. 

When it comes to cannabis, Iceland has the world’s largest per capita population of cannabis smokers at 18.3%. Though still technically illegal, many tourists score online and have their cannabis waiting for them at the airport to pop into their vaporizers to take in on their backpacking adventures. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This vibrant, friendly city is one of the best places to visit solo. Much of the touring can take place on bicycles – the country has more bicycles than citizens – the gorgeous canals and museums have won it the nickname of “the Venice of the North.” 

When you want to party, you can score cannabis at any number of cafes where smoking inside is legal. Bring along your vaporizers or your vapor pens and a cartridge to enjoy before taking in one of those museums. 

El Chalten, Argentina

Patagonia is a remotely beautiful vacation destination for nature lovers. Hiking trails and campsites are well-loved so there’s a chance to be social and active while visiting this travel destination. The hostels are warm and friendly as well.

When it comes to cannabis, the Argentinian legislature made medical marijuana legal last year. Recreational marijuana is still illegal but is rarely prosecuted. In fact, many people smoke openly on the streets and in the open air so be prepared with your vapor pens with a cartridge of cannabis oil. 

Nimbin, Australia

Nimbin is in the middle of nowhere and has one hotel and two bars – along with a guy selling chickens on the street – but it is a safe place for women to travel solo and has a vibrant culture. Like Sydney, Nimbin is located in New South Wales, where backpacking and adventure are only a jaunt away. 

Though technically illegal, cannabis is pretty easy to get and largely disregarded by local police. Small amounts of cannabis typically result in a relatively low fine – under $500 – but tourists are rarely implicated when busts do go down. 

Basque Country, Spain

If you’re looking for a place with celebrated cuisine and strong cultural traditions, including a local dialect that predates the romance languages, then Basque Country, Spain is a travel destination for you. More Michelin stars are given here than the place has residents. Be sure to visit Bilbao, home of the famous Guggenheim Museum. 

Before you go take in the sites of Guggenheim, be sure to take a few hits from one of your vapor pens. Spain is one of the most cannabis-friendly countries in Europe. Individual communities here have a great deal of autonomy and it is not uncommon for cannabis to be openly smoked outdoors. 

When traveling solo, there are many things that women should be on the lookout for to deal with. Thankfully, as independent women begin traveling alone more and more often, many places are completely safe for women to travel alone. Many of these places are also cannabis-friendly for women who smoke for medical reasons and for those who are recreational smokers. 

So, be sure to pack your vaping gear and contact your travel agent to book a trip to one of these exciting destinations. You can be sure that you can find sites to enjoy while soaking in local cannabis cultures. 



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