Fourth Law of Thermodynamics Explanation Proposed by Gary W. Tripp

Quantum energy can flow from the Quantum field to the physical field, but not the reverse. 

We assume that, even at the Quantum level, the Law of Conservation of Energy applies.

All work diminishes the superior energy store and increases the lesser energy store.

Quantum forces of electromagnetism, gravity, the Weak Nuclear, and the Strong Nuclear forces perform work and transfer energy from the quantum field to the physical field.

Let’s start with something we all agree upon: An object at rest or in motion will stay at rest or in motion unless acted upon by a force. A force performs work to change the state of an object. 

When gravity changes the path of a meteor, it performs work.

When Sun light (electro magnetism), heats the earth or strikes a solar panel, it performs work. To do this work the Sun light transfers its energy to earth or the solar panel.

When the Weak Nuclear Force releases particles which strike other objects, it performs work. 

Magnetism performs work when it attracts or repels objects. That work is the transfer of energy from the quantum field to the physical field. 

In none of these cases is the transfer of energy reversible. 

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Transfer of energy from the Quantum magnetic field to the physical field is masked by the disproportional size relationship. 

When the ratio is 100 million or 100 billion to 1, it is possible to measure the increase in energy in the physical store but it is impossible to measure the decrease in the quantum field. 

We just don’t have meters to measure the transfer of energy and ratios are so large that it appears the energy is appearing magically out of nowhere.

Eventually, the Sun will burn out and go dark, over a 1000 years magnet will lose their magnetic properties, and that over varying time periods of time radioactive minerals will become just inert rock. 


Friction is not a force it is the result of the Force of Gravity performing work on an object. 

Gravity is a force because it performs work.

Work is the conversion of energy from one state or form to another. 

InfinitySAV USA believes its generator is transferrits energy from the Quantum mechanical spin of electrons to physical motion, and to electricity. It has developed an electrical generator powered solely by permanent magnets.

Gary Tripp of InfinitySAV USA

Their goal is to remove 70% of all man-made CO2 pollution by eliminating 100% of the CO2 from electrical energy production and remove 50% of the CO2 from transportation by replacing petroleum with electrical energy for cars, buses, trucks, trains and, ships.

As an added benefit, this new technology will cut the cost of electricity and transportation by 90%. 


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