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When a baby goes from a cuddling little baby to a playful crawler, you need to give them a place to play. Babies are prone to infection and sickness. They have a very weaker immune system too to fight against the germs. The floor of your home can be crawling with millions of invisible germs that may make their way into the bodies of your babies.

This is the key reason that you need to look for a floor mat for your baby. A good floor mat is something soft, flat and thick mat.

They can be placed on your floor so that the little children can sit, draw and watch television. It protects the children from hardness and coldness of the floor. 

The best floor mat should be comfortable, thick, and durable. While some of the parents prefer something colourful for their baby, some also have plain design floor mats.

You can buy a floor mat by checking out the reputation of the manufacturer so that you can expect to have something durable and comfortable for your baby. 

You can go for a baby mat with excellent cushioning which is soft enough to give comfort. Have a mat that is thick enough to offer the highest level of protection from the coldness and hardness of the floor. Design also a consideration factor. 

Which floor mat is best for the baby?

There are different types of floor mats are available for the kids. There are different materials and shapes.

You can buy a round mat or a square one but the right one is that suits your nursery décor. You can also choose the mat that comes in a floral shape.

You can consider the design too. For little babies, a colourful play mat is best but that should be good in quality. 

Check out the material first. There are rubber floor mats, which are more hygienic because it dries out easily. They are soft, thick and durable too and ensure long-lasting protection for the children. Fabric ones are easy to clean and non-toxic.

There are also the woven floor mats designed by using rattan, sisal or straw. They are not as thick as the fabric but have a tendency to loosen up over time. You can buy a mat with extra cushioning to give more comfort to your baby. 

There is also the reversible rug style mat, that easy to move and easy to clean. You can also for the design that features numbers, letters, pictures of the animal so that it will work as a good educational tool for your baby. 

Are play mats good for babies?

Play mats are surely a good option to choose for the babies. They are comfortable and can save your child from the coldness of the floor. They are comfortable and can be a good diversion from their boring daily routine. 

An added feature with most of the baby play mats is proper security. This comes in the form of security barriers made with comfortable, soft fabric that lines all four sides of the play mat. This allows your baby to remain in a confined space just in case he/she tends to roll about a lot. 

For busy moms, this is an ideal option because it keeps the child quiet and entertained for a longer period of time when they are working in the home. 

Having a good quality baby floor mat can be beneficial for both the parents and the baby. If a baby is playing on the floor, parents can do their work without worrying that a child coming into contact with the dirty particles on the floor. 

They are easy to clean and water-resistant too. Plays mats are safe and secured for the babies as they are made of hygienic, comfortable and soothing materials. As they are trendy in design, they suit your home décor conveniently. 

How does a play mat help a child’s development?

If you want to give your little one a dedicated place to play, draw and learn during their early ages, a floor mat is an ideal choice for you.

They will keep the child away from the germs, it will give your child enough comfort and also it will help them develop some motor skills.

The colourful designs and patterns can give your child a happy tummy time. Some of the models come with small, colourful hanging objects that the babies can grasp easily so it will help them to improve their grasping skill. 

They can turn, reach and kick them. It helps in developing their hand-eye coordination too. Colourful patterns, contrasting shades develop their visual skill.

As they squeeze, rattle, kick or pull the mat they develop their auditory skills by listing to the sound. It offers sensory stimulation of the babies with the assorted textures that interesting to the tiny fingers. For the intellectual development, these mats play a key role.

 These mats illustrate the cause and effect too. A separate, comfortable playing place can give your child a feel of freedom and self-dependence.

Playmats are best playing place for kids but you need to buy a good quality one to have the same comfort for your child. 

How do you clean baby play mats?

Most of the playmats, whether it is made of fabric or rubber, are easy to clean. You need to follow an easy process to clean up the mat. Just wipe out the surface of the mat with a clean towel or cloth. 

If it is too much dirty, use a good quality neutral detergent. Don’t use the harsh chemical as it can damage the mat.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner that comes with a bristle head because it can scratch the surface of the mat. You can use clean water for the purpose. But to dry it, don’t use the electric dryer.

You can use vinegar if there is a lot of moulds and dirt. If it a fabric one, you can clean it in your washing machine or can go for hand cleaning. 

Use a mild soap for the cleaning. For rubber mats, you can use the tap water or can it soap. You can disinfect it with vinegar.

 It can remove the stains from the surface vinegar and water. If you want to use the clear, choose the all-natural clear. Baking soda and water is another natural way to clean the play mats of your kids. Use a sponge to clean the mat. 

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