Two Easy Ways to Fix Windows Activation Errors

Windows is the most popular tool or the genuine windows software that we all generally use it when it comes to the desktop system though. Of course, though the software has got a lot of fame and popularity among the users and tech experts, you still need to know that it might have few bugs and errors that might right away challenge you when you start windows activation tool on your desktop or the system. However, there have been loads of fix and solutions that could help you to resolve your Windows activation errors without any further problems though.

Here we have mentioned the two popular ways that would help you to fix windows activation errors that have been causing problems to your desktop and while activating the windows too.

Windows Activation Errors

If you have some idea about Windows operating system then you must know that there are a various windows activation methods which you can choose to activate Windows but the simple method is just entering the Windows product key and your genuine Windows will start automatically and the activation error would disappear from your system.

No doubt, you will come across a lot of other Windows activation problem, and that would be totally annoying for most of the users to work across the Windows platform as well. Before you even go on with the Windows activation and resolving the errors associated with it, you need to understand and have great knowledge about Windows activation and the errors for sure.

Activation Fix for every Operating System

It is not the same for every operating system to activate Windows. It is different for every windows version, if you are using Windows 7 & Windows 8 then you have to look forward to entering the product key but if it is Windows 10 then you do not need to enter or type the product key. Also, for more information, you should know that Windows legitimate version would always have the product key to be entered and that should be entered to activate the tool.

However, most of the users nowadays do not hold a genuine window and as a result, they see Windows is not genuine warning, this is because they have the cracked windows version. In a cracked windows tool, you don’t need to have a product key, as it would be the copied version and that would also do not demand the same.

How to fix Windows activation errors?

Here we have put down the best two ways of fixing the windows activation errors and then getting it back and making it work as normal, just like a new one!

Activation Using Phone Call

Wait, you don’t have to call up anybody, it is just a method of activating the Windows with the help of a phone call. This is the way that works for almost everyone. In this method, you just have to call up Microsoft customer care and ask them to activate your Windows operating system on your system.

If you are using Windows 7 then just press the start button, or else if it’s the upgraded version, then go for Windows + F button, that will be for the search option. In the search bar, just enter slui.exe 4 and press enter. You can also access the window bar just with the command option. Now, click ok, after you are done with this. This is the route to the phone activation window bar and it will open once you are done with the previous steps.

Also, you can Download Voot App for PC for getting a better experience of your system.

You have to choose the country from which you belong to and then opt for the phone activation service.

Product key and System file checking

Of course, you can always use the previous windows product key or you can also go for the new product keys to be entered that will kickstart the software. Otherwise, go for system file checker, by pressing the Windows key + X and go for command prompt (admin). You have to enter the activation code, “sfc/scannow” that is available on the internet, and has to be entered in the command prompt, and press enter.

After it’s done, just reboot the computer and start fresh!


Finally, you have successfully fixed the windows activation problem with both of these methods that are completely easy to apply and work on. Of course, it also solves the activation issues and errors in no time that whenever you want it.

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    Thans for sharing this blog. Windows 10 activation errors can be very annoying, especially when facing them from time to time or while trying to upgrade Windows.


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