The Five Different Types of Tyres You Can Choose From!

The Five Different Types of Tyres You Can Choose From!

Tyres are, undoubtedly, one of the most crucial parts of a car. Taking ultra-care of your tyres and having good driving habits can, for sure, increase the lifetime of your tyres.    But finally, there will arrive a time, when you need a new set. Vehicle manufacturers generally advise having your tyres changed every six years, regardless of how often the vehicle has been used.  

But, when you decide to buy tyres, you will be presented with different types. Now, to be honest, for a person who is not a car buff, all tyres look the same. But in reality, they aren’t. There are different tyres meant for different weather or driving conditions.   

It’s of utmost importance that you choose the type which is best suited for you and your car. You will also get great deals which are tyre specials in Sydney. Kismet Mechanical is one such dealer who provides you with affordable tyre deals and packages.   

They have a stock of multiple branded tyres and wheels for all makes and models. These are inexpensive but high-quality tyres that are durable, long-lasting, and attractive.   

Choosing the right type for your vehicle :

All tyres are more or less the same, right? Wrong. Each tyre type has its own specifications and features. The kind of tyres you fit with your vehicle is very important. Mixing different types of tyres can be dangerous as well as damaging.  

So, in case you need new ones, buy the size and type which is specific to your car. To help you know which type of tyre you should choose, here’s a bit of tyre know-how. 

1. Summer Tyres:

Summer is considered to be the safest time of the year to be driving. During this season, the contact between the tyres and the roads is considered to be the most rigid.   

It’s made of softer rubber that provides maximum traction on dry and wet roads in the warmer climate. These tyres have a typical block-shaped pattern on the outermost ring (tread) and are perfect for cars and minivans.  

2. Winter Tyres:

These tyres are specially made for icy or snow-covered roads. The tread pattern is a fine, blocked design, along with deep-seated groves. These grooves cause increased traction between the driving surface and the tyres.   

These tyres are made up of rubber with higher silica content. This material combo not only prevents the tyres from getting cold, but they also withstand freezing conditions.  

3. All-season tyres:

These are suitable for use throughout the year. The patterns of these tyres are more intricate than other types. These also contain more sipes or small slits on the tread. These cost-effective tyres (as they don’t need to be changed for a greater part of the year) offer a smooth ride in both dry and wet conditions.  

4. Wet Weather tyres:

These tyres are perfect for places where rains come in abruptly. These tyres are basically tailor-made for a wet weather. They are also referred to as rain tyres and have a depth of at least 1.6mm. Because greater the depth, the better it is in evacuating water.  

5. All-Terrain tyres:

The terrain, we are basically referring to here, is mud. These tyres have a bold and thick pattern, which avoids the clogging of mud. The skin of the tyre is created in such a way that it produces a flat, contact patch between the tyres and the road. These are best suited for paved roads, light-off duty roads etc.   

So, these five are the most common types of tyres that you need to choose from, for your vehicle. No matter which tyres you choose, regular wheel alignment in Sydney is important to prolong their life.    Depending upon the different weather and driving conditions, you can choose the one which is going to be the best for you. Consider the factors carefully and take your pick.


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