‘FitDesk’ keeps you fit and healthy while you work

study by the American Cancer Society, the Cooper Institute and the University
of Texas suggests that being in good physical shape could safeguard individuals
from the risks of sedentary behavior, including but not limited to obesity,
metabolic syndrome, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

after study continues to tell us ‘sitting’s the new smoking’ and ‘inactivity is
twice as deadly as obesity.’ But are enough of us doing something about it? We
need to, for the sake of our long-term health, start treating workplace fitness
as an absolute priority. Even working out after office hours cannot undo the
damage of extreme inactivity in the workplace, highlighting that everyone; from
couch potatoes to those who hit the gym five times a week, needs to do more
throughout the day.

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saves workers money on subway or gas costs while conserving energy – but it can
also mean less exercise. The folks at FitDesk have a solution – a brilliant
bicycle/desk that combines work and exercise! The stationary cycling system has
a mount for your laptop, allowing you to burn calories while answering emails.

FitDesk is a unique invention that allows the user to exercise comfortably
while working or surfing the web on their laptop. It frees your hands for
typing on your laptop or gaming in a way that no other exercise bike can! It’s
compact! It’s a sturdy & folds up quickly and easily so you can move it out
of the way in your home, office, or classroom. 
When you buy exercise equipment, you shouldn’t have to build another
room onto your house! It folds in seconds and the sliding desk-top holds your
laptop, tablet, or book in place while you exercise. It also has universal
straps for added security.

FitDesk Pedal Desk has a firm grip desktop, which keeps your laptop safe and
secure while you pedal your way to fitness. The high-quality stationary bike
offers various speeds and resistance strengths to ensure a great workout for
users of all fitness levels.

Pedal Desk also offers a comfortable arm rest and support when used just as an
exercise bike. The desk top can also be used to support the arms while you’re
playing your favorite video game! The FitDesk was designed for the busy
individual who may not have time for fitness and training, or new business
ventures that require round-the-clock emailing, researching and writing on the
computer. With FitDesk, users can train for a charity bike ride while cleaning
out their inboxes.

is another product called ‘Cycle Pro’ which transforms your bicycle or indoor
exercise bike (with 25mm or 32mm handlebars) in to a comfortable and
therapeutic Desk that makes getting in daily exercise as easy as checking an

also makes an adapter model for indoor bike trainers, or for those who already
have an exercise bike. The FitDesk PRO snaps onto the handles to ensure sturdy
leverage for your laptop. Now you can kill two birds with one stone by
exercising while you work, and enjoy more free time!

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