How to Find the Top Real Estate Agents in Fort Lauderdale

A knowledgeable professional who listens to your needs and understands your market is the best real estate agent. Also, the individual may not necessarily be working at the largest brokerage, closing the majority of transactions, or making the most money.

Moving on, real estate professionals estimate that 80 per cent of the company is conducted by 20 per cent of the brokers. Your goal is to find one to work for you in that 20 per cent, but it’s not as difficult as you would imagine.

This post will guide you on how to find top real estate agents in Fort Lauderdale.

Search Online for Real Estate Agent Listings

You can refer agents to several websites, but that’s no quality assurance. Mostly, the officers they answer to are those who have paid upfront to the site owners to be included in their directories. A safer option includes looking at the vicinity’s best real estate firms. Also, go to certain websites and look up profiles at offices near you of individual agents. 

Look for their experience while also don’t neglect the new ones. Moreover, make sure to check suggestions and feedback from previous customers.

Attend Open Houses

In a non-threatening working atmosphere, you can meet real estate agents and connect with them by going to open houses. On the other hand, collect company cards and make notes of the representatives you encounter.

Moving on, if you’re thinking about selling, pay attention to how the agent displays the home. You’re looking for someone polite, educational, and knowledgeable. You want someone who hands out home promotional material in a professional-looking way. Ideally, the agent points out characteristics and gives tours, not sitting in a corner, reading a book, and ignoring you.

Evaluate The Real Estate Agents Experience

So, now that you know where to find a great real estate agent, how do you pick the right one for you? You’re not going to pick the right one by tossing a coin. The agent interview process needs to be taken seriously by you. 

Note, this is an incredible trade worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! With that kind of money, you wouldn’t trust an amateur. Do not be afraid to set the bar high if you want an expert. Also, the good news is that it’s not rocket science to distinguish the professionals from the amateurs.

Know Your Local Real Estate Market

A major factor is general real estate expertise, but it’s equally critical that your agent has helped people in your area buy and sell plenty of homes. You want an agent who knows what the real estate market in Fort Lauderdale is. So, if they know everything about real estate in a suburb or a city an hour away, it does not do you any good.

Learn About their Customer Service

You shouldn’t have to wait five days for them to answer your phone call or respond to a text if you’re entrusting a real estate agent with helping you buy or sell a house. So, these are the questions you need to ask to make sure in every step of the process they’re going to be by your side.

Moving on, in every real estate transaction, communication is crucial. You and your agent are losing out if your agent doesn’t respond to you in a fair period of time and it costs you opportunities!

Track Neighborhood Signs

Make sure to pay attention in and around your neighborhood to the for-sale listing signs. Make a note of the day they go up and are instead slapped on it when they disappear or a “sold” banner. “for sale” for auction. Outcomes speak volumes.

Check Out Print Advertisements

For two reasons, real estate agents run advertisements: they want to sell particular real estate. And they want to promote themselves. Look for house ads in your targeted neighborhood in your local community newspaper. Also check the real estate agents Fort Lauderdale Fl advertising websites. These agents in your neighborhood could be specialists.

Ask the Pros for Recommendations

Of course, you have thought of asking friends and family for references from brokers. But, also try asking other experts in real estate, too. Real estate agent Fort Lauderdale Fl are happy to refer buyers and sellers to associates, especially if their specialty is not the service you need. Some brokers, for instance, only sell commercial or investment property, while others primarily deal with new home builders.

Mortgage brokers and bank loan officers are also a resource, with many of them knowing outstanding agents first-hand.


To find a real estate agent to help you buy or sell a house, you don’t have to look far away. Chances are, you know a few in your region already. But it’s important to really weigh your choices to find the right agent for you, with so much cash on the line.

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