How to Find the Cheapest Commercial Dump Trucks

Purchasing a dump truck isn’t as easy as randomly picking a vehicle in the parking lot. Of course, like any other big-ticket item, you would want to get the best deal out of your purchase. 

How Much Do Dump Trucks Cost? 

Dump trucks are available for as low as $15,000. This represents the lowest end of the spectrum, affording you a second-hand, medium-duty vehicle for hauling small loads of loose materials like sand, dirt, cement, gravel, and demolition waste. However, if you’re looking for a heavy-duty vehicle that can handle heavy loads over the long term, you should be willing to pay an average of $140,000 for a single unit. 

This goes to show that the size and the volume of load a dump truck can carry are some of the significant factors that influence its cost—the condition of the vehicle you bought it in is another. If you’re wondering where to find the cheapest commercial dump trucks, Used Vending offers a wide range of brand new and used dump trucks, along with the many other types of semi-trucks, at different price points. 

However, a word from the wise: cheaper doesn’t always mean better for you. This much is true if you are targeting to serve large businesses with tall logistic orders—the bigger the requirements, the bigger the truck you will need. So, instead of searching for the cheapest, look for a vehicle that will make the most out of your money. 

With that said, let’s look into the factors that determine the cost of a vehicle, along with some tips to help you buy no more and no less than a dump truck that you need. 

5 Factors that Influence the Cost of a Dump Truck 


Power output from most dump truck engines ranges from 300-600 horsepower. If you are hauling lighter loads and/or operating mostly on flat terrains, a truck with a smaller engine with less horsepower should suffice. But if it’s the contrary, you would require a larger and more powerful engine to keep up with the demands. 

With dump truck engines, you don’t want to be underpowered. But, you don’t want to have an unnecessarily powerful engine, either. This will just create a non-essential overhead expense. 

Hauling Requirements. 

The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is the maximum operating weight of a dump truck. This includes the weight of the cargo, the driver or passengers, and the vehicle as a whole. 

When you’re researching your options with dump trucks, make sure to factor in the weight of the materials you are planning to haul. This will be largely dependent on the services you will provide and the industry you will cater to. 


Manual and automatic—these are two types of transmission, each with its specific set of benefits and drawbacks. 

In terms of the cost, there’s no contest between a manual and an automatic dump truck. On average, a manual transmission will cost about $1,000 less than its automatic counterpart. But, what’s great about an automatic transmission is that it doesn’t require gear shifting thus, it is generally more new driver-friendly. 

Body Material. 

The use of aluminum in commercial vehicles has accelerated for the past decades as it offers a cost-effective way to improve performance, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize emissions while ensuring safety and durability. In fact, aluminum is now second to steel as the most used material in vehicles. It can be used to haul finer materials like dirt or sand. 

But, harsher materials like concrete, gravel, rock, and asphalt, can easily abuse an aluminum dump truck body. When dealing with such heavy, abrasive materials, you should consider using steel which is more resistant to damage. 


Your budget is the ultimate deciding factor whether you should purchase a brand-new or used vehicle. While a brand new dump truck is a default choice, it’s also the most expensive. Considering used dump trucks can offer more options at more affordable prices. 

In addition to used dump trucks, refurbished dump trucks are also available at a lower value. These vehicles have been repaired and modified by the manufacturer after some defect. They are protected with warranties like brand-new vehicles, but with the understanding that the items were previously defective. 

The cost of a dump truck is fairly expensive and even the cheapest one can be worth your life’s savings. Therefore, when purchasing one for your business, you might as well make it worth it. Keep in mind the factors above and you’re bound to find nothing but products that meet your standards and your budget. 

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