Felik | AI Powered Cool Pet Companion Entertains Your Pets

Pets need affection and love from the owner all time which might be not possible during daytime as owner needs to leave home for many reasons. It makes annoying situation and pet don’t get proper care which is required for their smooth lifestyle.   

Felik | AI Powered Cool Pet Companion Entertains Your Pets

Most people worried for unwanted incidents during daytime while they are not there at home and they need smart or robot pet companion which plays around with their pet and keeping them entertained and allowing remote visual monitoring at any time for safety reason.  

Angry Lychee, a technology start-up now brings an intelligent pet companion called ‘Felik’ that strengthens the bond between pets and their owners through technology.   

Felik is the first artificially intelligent pet toy which uses an infrared camera & computer vision algorithms to play with your pets as well or better than a human can!  

Felik | AI Powered Cool Pet Companion Entertains Your Pets
Felik | AI Powered Cool Pet Companion Entertains Your Pets
Felik | AI Powered Cool Pet Companion Entertains Your Pets

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Yuri Brigance has founded the Angry Lychee in 2015 and has a long experience since 2007 of building mobile applications and web services for fortune 500 companies, startups, and for personal enjoyment. He has developed Felik with an aim to revolutionize pet entertainment.  

Felik’s neural network software is inspired by real organic biology. The pet companion robot works equally well with pets of all sizes, from kittens to large dogs. It doesn’t require any human interaction, unlike low tech pet toys. It is designed to entertain your furry pals automatically even while you’re away.  

How Does Felik Pet Companion Technology Work?

Felik | AI Powered Cool Pet Companion Entertains Your Pets
Felik | AI Powered Cool Pet Companion Entertains Your Pets

Using an infrared-sensitive camera combined with advanced software algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Felik can anticipate the predatory movements of one or more animals. It then reacts by moving the laser in a natural way to simulate real prey.  

It comes with 8 GB of internal storage, so it can definitely store recorded video. However, a large amount of processing power of Felik’s Quad Core 1.2 GHz CPU is taken up running computer vision, object tracking, and prediction algorithms so it can be as responsive as possible for your pets. As a result, there is not much processing power left to record video.  

Felik has the processing mojo and the patented software necessary to track, recognize, anticipate, and react to your pet’s movements fully autonomously. It can be wall mounted, or it can sit conveniently on a shelf, countertop, and any other surface with the use of the optional shelf stand.   

The AI will attempt to plot an optimal course for the beam to travel to the new location while avoiding any tracked animals or humans.   Felik is designed to work without any app; the Android/iOS companion app is optional that app allows you to set up everything from activation schedule to various settings which affect its behavior. Each setting is clearly explained and can be tailored to hunters of all skill levels.  

A planned feature is controlled via home automation devices like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and more. Felik will keep gaining new skills that both new and existing owners will be able to enjoy.  

With current software, you can define a circular play area anywhere in the room, as well as the laser “resting place” where it will first appear when the device turns on. You can move this play area away from furniture and other valuables.  

The custom infrared-sensitive camera can work even in very low light conditions and can identify a considerable degree of detail using its wide field of vision, 180 degrees that make it more effective anywhere in the room. Felik’s camera can selectively brighten certain parts of the images it acquires while darkening other parts.  

It uses the same Class 3A laser module as most generic laser pointer products and existing laser toys on the market. While you certainly don’t want to be looking directly into the laser beam, they are all certified safe for brief exposure.  

Isn’t it a crazy intelligent toy for your pets and makes you free any kind of worry when you are out? One must have amazing Felik pet companion for entertaining and engaging your cute pets.


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