Expected Features of the Upcoming iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

We all are keen to know the features of the upcoming iPhone 7. Many rumors are spreading over the internet that the upcoming iPhone 7 will have this, will have that. But here in this post, we are sharing the expected features that we are going to see in the upcoming iPhone 7.   

Many people demand more premium things and so when it comes to gadget, everyone has just one phone in mind and that is the iPhone. iPhone really has built up a great reputation in the Smartphone market.   


Apple launched the first iPhone in the year 2007 and every year they brought up some new iPhones with great upgrades, features, and performance. Every year Apple upgrades the design, performance, and many other things to their new iPhone and this makes people go crazy for iPhone.

We have already seen the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus this year. This phone has build up several new fans along with many new customers for Apple.  


Everyone has the excitement of what how this upcoming iPhone 7 looks like. Here we are sharing the details with you.  

1. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are expected to be launched by September 2016. The phone offers edge to edge display. This design will give you a bigger screen without any change in the overall size of the phone.   

2. Apple has removed the headphone jack from the phone. But now the question comes how you will plug-in in the headphones in order to listen to music? The answer is you will have to use Bluetooth headsets in order to use the headphone. This is done in order to make the phone slimmer.  

3. The designers have decided to stick to a 12 MP Camera only but they have increased the resolution by more than 400 ppi. The phone will be available in two sizes which are 5 inches and 5.5 inches.  

4. When it comes to performance, the iPhone 7 will be equipped with an Apple A10 processor which is a superpower on its own. The phone also has an embedded M10 processor that works as a co-processor for the phone. A super-powered 2GB is also included in order to get that smooth working. The phone has iOS 10 which is expected to be launched by June 2016.  

5. Another possibility related to headphones is that Apple may give a 2mm headphone jack but this will further lead to change in technology.  

6. The phone will have new SIM technology called E-SIM which will further provide easy roaming capabilities.  

7. As we have seen in the new iPhone 6, the company has installed a 3D display which will also be made available in the upcoming iPhone 7 and will give better competition to Samsung Galaxy Edge.  

8. As per rumors there will be fingerprint sensors that will add more security to your phone. This fingerprint sensor will also replace the lock screen.  

9. This phone may also have reversible USB connector.  

Author bio: – Vinod Kardam is a gadget specialist and he loves to share info about Gadgets and technology. He also offers EBay India so that people can buy gadgets with some discounts.


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