Farthest journey on a home-made hoverboard gets a Guinness World Record

Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru managed to set one of the most amazing
world records, flying over 275 meters on a hoverboard he designed himself. The
world record attempt took place in August 2014, but Guinness World Records made
it official for the first time on Friday, May 22, 2015. Catalin Alexandru Duru
was born in Suceava, in northern Romania, but he left the country when he was
only seven, as his family moved to Casablanca in Morocco. Ten years later he
moved to Montreal in Canada.

hoverboard concept first appeared in the Back to the Future II Sci-Fi movie, in
1989, and quickly became very popular. The hoverboard also appeared in Spider
Man movies (The Green Goblin flew one), and in the Fantastic Four: Rise of the
Silver Surfer movie. However, it took 25 years for this concept to become real,
with Duru’s invention.


inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru has set the world record for the longest flight
on a hoverboard after using his propeller-powered creation to travel 275.9m
(905ft 2in) (Cr
edit: Guinness World Records)
prototype can be used anywhere but is usually tested over water because of how
dangerously high it can fly,” Duru explains in the video of the record-breaking
attempt above. It’s a propeller-based system – from the footage it looks as though it’s a
quadcopter-type set-up.

is a different approach to other attempts, which have used the power of magnets
repelling each other, or water power to levitate off the ground. There’s no
word on when (or if) this prototype might be commercialized, but we’re sure
it’s something Duru will be looking into, given the hype surrounding

flight lasted a distance of 275.9 metres (905.2 feet) at a height of almost
five metres. Given that Duru only had to reach 50 metres to make the record, he
smashed it. Cnet confirmed the authenticity of the record and the video over
email with the team over at Guinness World Records.

inventor has even bigger plans for the future. In the past year he has been
working on turning his hoverboard into a multicopter. The new machine has less
than 40 kilograms and very strong engines that could lift and transport a
person through the air. “I have made significant advance on this project, but I
can’t fully describe it yet. I want it to be a surprise until the official
launch,” said Alexandru Duru. 


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