7 Factors to Consider In Social Media Marketing

In the ever and fast developing the world, businesses are dominating everywhere. People start and run businesses daily. However, with the increase in the number of companies coming up, the challenge has now shifted to the best way to have your goods selling and your business standing.

This situation has called for the need to have adequate and reliable marketing channels through which you can use to convey an important message about your business to the world. People have tried various means of advertising from outdoor advertising to other forms of advertising to give their companies an inch above the others.

Social media marketing has lately enjoyed a wide following from across the globe with subscribers going up to billions of people. This considerable following has caught the attention of many business people who have taken advantage of the networks huge population to advertise their goods and services.

Research has shown that social media networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and twitter have contributed immensely to the growth and flourishing of various businesses majorly due to the marketing platforms they offer. If you have a company you wish to see growing, then you should take full advantage of social media marketing, but before you do so you may need to consider the following factors.


Most people who start social media campaigns do so because they think it to be a cheaper option. They do so knowing that creating a page for your company or your own business is free of charge. However, if you would like to get the right results for your social media, then you should be prepared to spend some money to achieve the desired results.


If you are going to make good use of social media, then you need to have a proper plan. Your plan should be formally documented, stating your goals together with your target audience and how you intend to grow over time. The document you make containing this vital information will be so integral in guiding your decision.

You may also have to recruit a qualified team to help you manage your social media marketing and even help you develop a proper strategy.


For your social media strategy to be profitable, you have to make sure you are consistent. Ensure to balance the way you post on social media such that you don’t heavily post on one week and fail to post the next week. This lack of consistency could have a drastic effect on your social media activity from day to day.

Your followers may want to know what it is that they should expect from you, and that might require you to stick to posting consistently about your products without making so many changes that might confuse your followers.


It is much easier to sustain a social media account with posting at least once a week. However, if you would like to get the best of profits, then you may need to make it more than that to at least three or four times a week. Also, remember to ensure you have an interactive segment with your customers about how they feel about your products and everything on your social media account.


Social media is a platform for exchanging value. If you would like your customers to like your goods and even buy from you, then you should ensure you offer them value in exchange. The cost could be in many forms. For instance, you could give your customers some value by allowing them a discount or sometimes some exclusive deals.

Personal touches

The primary purpose of social marketing is to provide various people with a platform to connect. If you give your social media account a company’s approach rather than that of a person, then you may found yourself alienating people in the process. Even if you are assigned the role of posting on behalf of the company, you may still need to give your account a humanly look.

Follower engagement

If you would wish to grow your business through your social media, then you should be able to identify potential customers to your company and ensure that you follow them to the later.


Social marketing is fast gaining momentum as the most effective way of marketing goods and services. If you have a business, then ensure you take advantage of the massive following on social media to establish your presence on the vast social media platform with the aim of social media marketing.

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