5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Printing Services

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Printing Services

Even though we have digitalized every aspect of our lives, we just cannot rule out the importance of having papers with us. They still hold an important place in our lives. 

Whether you work in a school, a company, a hospital or anywhere, you will need to have some material printed someday. You might require leaflet printing service, newsletters, business cards or anything. 

And since you might not be having fast and large scale printers with you in your firm, you might want to outsource them. That is what we offer in Kiasuprint and many other firms in Singapore

Today, I have decided to take you through 5 factors that you sure would have to take into consideration when choosing the best printing service for your needs.

I) Check the customers’ reviews

Every reputable company has websites. This is where they outline their services and interact with their customers. Several companies allow their customers to comment on their services after completing the transaction. Customers give honest comments on how the service was and this is the best platform to gauge on the customers’ satisfaction. If most of them were satisfied, then there is a good chance that they offer quality services.

II) Compare the prices

Needless to say, you want the best value for your money. With that in mind, you should do your homework to know of the printing charges for each of the services they offer. This point leads to another point to keep in mind with regards to the price; the quality of the service.

III) The printing quality

In most cases, the amount you are charged is comparable with the quality you are offered. So don’t always go for the low price. But then, this is not always the point. Some companies might overcharge you without necessarily offering the best quality.

The bottom line:

Compare the much you pay with the quality you are offered.

IV) Look at their samples

In relation to the specific printing needs, you need to ask your printer the samples of what they have printed. If they don’t have the samples, ask them to print you a prototype of your work. This is one or two pages of the document you are printing. This will enable you to access the quality and will inform you of what to expect in your entire work.

V) The duration they will take

It is important to know the duration your printer will take to finish your work. You might be close to your deadlines and your need your work ready within hours or days. Thus you should get yourself the printer who will meet your deadlines.

Compliance with environmental regulation

It is important to remain within the stipulated regulations especially with the environment. It is not just the work of the company to ensure compliance, there is a place for the customer too. All companies would be complying if all the customers would refuse to work with the non-compliant companies. With that, you can see that you have a role to play. 

Final word

In conclusion, once you have decided on the company to work with, it is important to provide them with full instructions on how you would like your work printed. Should there be any editing required, be sure to clarify with them.


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