Exploring Mediterranean Coast – Must-See Destinations

The Mediterranean coast is one of the most stunning regions in the world. With an array of dazzling vacation spots and tourist attractions, the countries you’ll get to visit during your expedition will take your breath away. Exploring the gems of the Mediterranean means only one – an exceptional vacation with all the enjoyment and relaxation you need. Witness the magnificent sights, astonishing beaches and delectable food on your way through Spain, Montenegro, Malta and other must-see destinations we’re about to recommend.


Spain has to offer equally exciting vacations on its islands as it can on the land. When travelling through the Mediterranean, stop by the largest one of the Balearic Islands – Mallorca. This Mediterranean vacation hot spot is beaming with tourists and high-rise hotels. If you prefer experiencing the glitz and party life of the island, stay close to the coastline. For those looking for a calmer experience, check out the island’s interior, which remains relatively unspoiled. Palma de Mallorca, the capital, offers something for every tourist’s interest.

From long stretches of beaches for those looking to enjoy the waves to magnificent historical buildings for those more education-related. If you’re looking for an outdoorsy adventure, Mallorca offers numerous hiking and cycling routes. The city of Palma is a must-visit for its sophisticated nightlife scene. When looking for an unforgeable nightlife experience, casinos, clubs and bars, Palma is your hot spot to visit.


Like Spain, France has a stunning island to offer to all the tourists travelling around the Mediterranean. Corsica lies midway between the French and Italian coasts, and it’s considered the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean. The Isle of Beauty is home to majestic pine forests, and if you love the mountain views, you’ll be fascinated by Corsica’s dramatic mountainscape.

Beaches are equally stunning, and you must visit Plage de Palombaggia, as it’s known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Fans of water sports like swimming and diving will find this spot enchanting. Want to see the beautiful Sardinia too? It’s only a hop away from Corsica, at a perfect distance for those wanting to extend their vacation without planning it.


Montenegrin coast often gets overshadowed by other Mediterranean countries, but it’s no less gorgeous and worth visiting. With cities like Budva, Kotor and Tivat, Montenegro offers an array of activities, gorgeous beaches and a luxurious lifestyle that all the jet setters enjoy. You will find premium 5-star hotels in Montenegro and be able to enjoy a celebrity-like vacation, feeling like you stepped inside Monaco’s top-rated accommodation. With a plethora of historical and cultural sights, rich nightlife scenes, and exceptional gastronomic offers, every coastal city in Montenegro will be worth visiting. Whether it’s Herceg Novi, Bay of Kotor or Tivat, Montenegro will not disappoint.


Are you looking for a destination you can dedicate yourself to completely and explore every inch of it in a short time? Malta is just over one hundred and twenty square miles big, offering enough time for you to see everything in one day. While it’s the 10th smallest country in the world, it still is one of the most charming and favourite stops for those enjoying the Mediterranean coast. Even with Maltese being the official language, English is the official second language, so you’ll have no trouble communicating with the locals.

From beach resorts with entertainment options to museums, churches, and public gardens, Malta has it all. Visit the Three Cities fortress across the bay, by a water taxi you can take from Valletta harbour. Have you ever seen the Blue Lagoon? It’s right there in Comino. Even those craving Ibiza-style nightlife vibes will find their cup of tea on Malta’s northeast coast.


Like Montenegro, Portugal is sometimes left behind when thinking about the best Mediterranean destinations. Albufeira is one of the best places to visit in Portugal, as it attracts a multitude of people. From couples to families and party people, Albufeira is a truly cosmopolitan city Portugal is proud of. The spectacular resort attracts tourists from all over Europe and offers party people the best of its nightlife scene.

Whether you’re travelling with your family or looking for a romantic destination to propose to your partner over candlelight dinner, this old fishing village centre is a great choice. Enjoy over 20 beaches, and go swimming and sunbathing on your Mediterranean vacation. Have you ever gone birdwatching? Albufeira is the ornithologist’s heaven as it’s home to the Praia de Salgados, a place of an array of birds free to observe.

Final thoughts

The Mediterranean coast offers a plethora of destinations for everyone’s taste. Whether you’re looking for family-oriented destinations or a rich nightlife vacation spot, Mediterranean countries have it all. From the gorgeous seaside to the stunning hotels and a myriad of activities for all ages, Malta, Montenegro, Corsica, Portugal and Mallorca will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a vacation paradise.

Regardless of the destination, you choose first, we promise you’ll have an unforgettable time. Try to cross as many countries off your holiday list and compare the experiences. You’ll see that each country is so unique that you won’t be able to choose your favourite that easily.

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