What You Should Expect From A Reputable SEO Company

What You Should Expect From A Reputable SEO Company

Irrespective of your business, you will require the expertise of internet marketing companies to penetrate the highly competitive global market. With the right SEO solutions, you will be confident that your virtual business will grow steadily.   

A digital marketing agency will implement a dynamic digital advertising plan, social media marketing, and SEO development to ensure that you succeed in your business. Here are a few things that you should expect from your SEO agency.  

An Introductory Meeting

After you choose an SEO company that will oversee the internet marketing activities of your business, you need an introductory meeting in person, through video, or through a conference call. In the introductory meeting, you should be introduced to your team and account manager.   

The SEO agency will use this opportunity to ask any additional questions regarding your business, SEO goals, and marketing objectives. They will also outline your processes and also state their pricing. In addition, they will also mention what you should expect from your SEO agency.   

An initial website SEO audit

The first thing that a good SEO company will do is carry out an initial audit of your website. For businesses that already have a Google Analytics account, your SEO agency will require unlimited access to your dashboard and results.   

The agency will also use additional programs and tools to diagnose the current SEO health of your site. You will get the results based on the complexity and size of your website. For example, if your website has many pages, then it will take longer to audit compared to a website with fewer pages.   

Understanding of Google’s best SEO practices

Since Google and other search engines are continuously making updates on their algorithms, you expect your SEO agency to have a full understanding of all the best SEO practices of Google and other search engines. You can confirm this by determining whether the SEO agency you hire adheres to the latest standards and trends of Google.   

You should check the blogging efforts of the company to determine whether they are talking about these standards and trends or abiding by the rules of Google.   

Regular check-ins and communications 

A reliable SEO agency will not just give you a report on the strategies that they will utilize after the findings of the website audit. They should also assign an account manager who will always be available to answer all the questions that you have.   

Your SEO agency should offer regular reports to enable you to know how things are fairing. A good company like Vision Smash Philly will want to keep you in the loop by being transparent regarding their activities and the strategies they use.   

Meet the experts

When working with an SEO Agency, you need to be confident that the experts actually know what they are doing. Business owners should take time to meet the professionals who will be assigned to work on their website SEO.   

Ideally, every person that you meet will have the experience and skills to do the work assigned to them. The bottom line is that you must be able to trust the experts and be sure that they really know their disciplines.  

Set realistic expectations

There is nothing worse than having unrealistic expectations from your SEO agency. A seasoned agency will give you a realistic idea of what you should expect. No legitimate SEO agency can guarantee you first-page placement because search engines utilize jealously guarded and complicated algorithms to determine how websites rank.   

Furthermore, search engines algorithms are constantly changing and your SEO agency will make an educated guess on what is behind the search engine algorithms, and then implement what will work and avoid what does not work.  


A good SEO company will tell you what they will be offering your business and will keep you in the loop on whatever they are currently working on. Some companies tend to operate within a black box and will not tell their clients about their strategies or what is actually going on.   

A reputable SEO company will map out everything from the start, and they will keep doing this all through to ensure that you have all the information that you need. Good companies will discuss the strategies they will use and give a timeframe to ensure the success of the project.   

Sustained results

Most SEO companies will send their clients reports after every 30 days to show you how many places they have helped your business to move up. However, you should remember that this work needs to be replicated over several months and not just weeks to ensure that your website gains authority in your niche market.   

The Search Engine Optimization agency that you choose must be clear regarding the results that you should expect within a specific timeframe. However, you should be wary of an agency that promises you a number 1 spot on Google within a few months.  

An internet marketing company will analyze your traffic and every aspect of your digital marketing. This way, they will identify all the weak areas and the necessary action to take. SEO agencies will carry out ongoing analysis to ensure that your energy will efficiently be directed and your conversion rates will be better.   

With an in-depth knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses, your SEO agency will know the areas of your website that needs working on and determine the best strategies and campaigns to take your business to the next level. 


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