Ethics Every Call Centre Manager Should Encourage!

Taking care of the call centre services is not as easy as it seems. Since the call centres handle different functions for multiple clients, thus they have to be spontaneous and should have a team of experienced agents to check services 24X7. Agents working in a call centre always complain about the monotonous work environment in BPOs and this is one big reason why agents flee early here. With increasing staff attrition, call centre companies today focus upon various metrics to avoid attrition disputes.

Call centre managers need to work on new ideas to make their employees feel valued so that they prefer staying back irrespective of less flexibility at the office. Call centre managers should also focus on promoting values that develop a sense of trust in the business service.

Call centre outsourcing firms handle outbound/inbound call centre services, IT and help desk outsourcing, finance and accounts outsourcing, etc. Since there are multiple tasks that call centre agents have to take care of, it is important to retain the former employees than repetitive re-hiring and training, which eventually costs more.

To avoid attrition, companies need to build trust in the minds of the employee and how can companies do so? Well, outsourced call centre firms need to train their managers to uplift the employees’ morale and the ways managers can do has been discussed below:

1. Trust

There is a famous quote by Abraham Lincoln which states that:“The people when rightly and fully trusted will return the trust.”

Trust is pure! Call centre companies can retain their employees by trusting them and helping them trust the company. In most cases, managers do not trust employees and pressurize them to meet targets as soon as possible.

Yes, we accept that agents have to keep up with the clients’ requirements, however, when the managers start trusting their employees, it becomes easy to resolve any problem.

When managers understand their employees, even agents will fearlessly keep them informed. To make sure that no-hassle disrupts effective business management, managers need to build trust and earn the employees’ satisfaction too.

After all, it is the employee who reaches the customer, thus taking care of their interest is significant so that they reach out to the customers with utmost dedication.

Managers should talk to the employees, consider their recommendations, and always ask them about the loopholes and the shortcomings that might be disrupting them from an effective performance. Doing so, companies can build trust.

2. Respect

When we talk about the values that call centre managers should always promote, respect comes on the front. The people who give respect will always get back the same and managers need to work on this formula.

Call centre services are monotonous and demand agents to be their toes 24X7 to make the customers happy. However, amid the same, it is the managers’ duty to take care of the agents’ morale and respect. The employees will give their 100% only when they feel valued and respected by the company and managers can keep a check on the same to avoid attrition and getting into unreasonable rehiring and training repeatedly.

Managers’ should remember that by giving respect they would get one. Thus, talk to the agents, gain their trust, give them respect, talk about the potential shortcomings that they face and the business loopholes according to them, and take decisions accordingly to maintain a healthy working environment.

3. Healthy Communication

The values that call centre managers need to promote include healthy communication with the agents and adequate collaboration too. Less communication can lead to various misunderstandings, which is why healthy communication is essential.

Managers need to understand that they cannot judge an agent in just one go depending on a single response from the customer. However, talk to the agents and try to build effective communication and collaboration.

When the managers take an initiative to help the agents groom themselves, even the employees try to give their 100% from the next time. Effective communication skills can resolve many problems and can even help discuss ways to earn more customers’ trust. Thus, managers should always promote healthy communication and build a healthy relationship with the employees so that the staff does not hesitate to discuss their issues with the business.

4. Loyalty

Outsourced call centre firms mainly cater to outbound and inbound call centre services, and to succeed with efficient customer support service, loyalty is optimum.

Customer loyalty earns a brand name for the business and employee loyalty earns customers for the business. It is vice versa, which highlights the significance of agents’ loyalty for the organization.

Call centre managers need to understand that repetitive re-hiring and training will not help the business at the end, which is why a check on attrition is essential. Maintaining agents’ loyalty can help companies turn their leads into customers easily, which is why an obedient check on the same is indispensable.

Great customer support is only possible with reliable agents and the managers who understand this well earn better results. Call centre companies are endangered with reduced customer satisfaction may be because of increased employee attrition, so thought on the same is significant.

5. Mindfulness

Every company wishes to have employees who have well experience and are aware of the new technologies and the latest business information on market requirements.

However, in a world where things are changing rapidly, agents need to be trained and updated every day. Thus, managers need to promote regular training sessions for the employees, irrespective of expecting them to be up-to-date always.

When employees have awareness, they tend to earn customer satisfaction easily. Managers just need to hire agents with a zeal to learn more!

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