Entrepreneur Invents XIA That Can Cut Your AC Energy Bill by 30-70 Percent!

Do you know that cooling and heating accounts for more than half of the energy use in a typical U.S. home, make it a big pie of energy expense for most homes?

Also, the energy required for the same purpose in buildings and industry accounts for half of the EU’s energy consumption!   Now the question is – Are we sensible enough for our environment where we live and in fact, there is no alternative to our planet? You will get the answer ‘yes’ from most people.   

The main issue here is converting the thoughts to actionable planning and implementation. One must ‘walk the talk’ as far as energy saving is concerned and it should start from our home. It’s the responsibility of each and every person not only to save money but to live sustainably.     

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Images credit: Riad H / Indiegogo  

Are you trying to reduce your energy bill which makes a big hole in your pocket every month? Don’t worry. It happens with most of us while we try to cut down on our energy costs which indirectly help in improving our environment.   

While air conditioners can be one of the bigger silent energy suckers in your home, to address this issue – an entrepreneur and senior PHP programmer Riad H., based in Jordan has invented a revolutionary energy saving product ‘XIA’ that helps in cutting your air-conditioner energy bill.   

Riad is specializing in e-commerce, eBay & Amazon-like marketplace development and developed many projects spanning from simple info websites to complex dynamic eBay and Amazon-like websites in past. He thinks power generation from any traditional or renewable energy source should always be the second step after energy-saving methods.  

The idea for creating ‘XIA’, named after his 5-year-old daughter (means ‘showing hospitality to foreigners’ in Greek), came when working in an Airbnb, realized that more than 90 percent of the electricity consumption is caused by unregulated AC usage by guests.   

Many times the guests are not accountable for electricity usage so they tend to abuse their position and keep ACs running all day long during their stay in hotels. Most energy-saving techniques employed by commercial air conditioners perform poorly.   

The XIA is battery-powered and uses advanced battery management features to sleep and wake up in a calculated manner in order to prolong battery life that lasts for more than a year. You can easily recover your money spent on this gadget, as Return On Investment (ROI) is as little as 1 month!  

How Does it Work?  

It’s 100 percent wireless without any physical connections either mains electricity or air-conditioner. Pair of sensors that intelligently work that turn the AC off when guests leave the room. It’s an ideal energy-saving device for hosts, hotels, and homes.  

One sensor is mounted above the door while the other is a ceiling-mounted sensor that detects whether or not there are any guests still left inside. If no one is present in the room for 15 minutes, it then sends an IR signal to turn the AC off without compromising the guest’s comfort.  

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Images credit: Riad H / Indiegogo

The device uses 2 IR beams – a high-intensity one used for long distances and another used for a wide range. This ensures the AC can be switched off from almost any angle or area in the room, making installation a breeze.  

XIA has been successfully tested on many types of the unit from various AC manufacturers. According to the creator, it can incredibly save energy as much as 70 percent for apartments that have reached the top electricity tier!  

The device is perfect if you are a vacation rental host, a hotel, or a homeowner, especially if you have kids in the house that carelessly leave the AC on for extended durations. 

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