An efficient EMDO Energy Manager to optimize your Renewable Energy Plant

Presently there is a lack of standards for the communication between the generators, storage and loads for renewable energy. Manufacturer specific solutions are limited in compatibility for this reason. There is a development of Innovative energy manager called ‘EMDO101’ to optimize your renewable energy plant!

Renewable energy allows us endless access to energy, but the energy flow is not constant. Without any energy management, the self-consumption is usually well below 40%. An energy manager measures current electricity power consumption from the grid and the excess energy that is fed back into the grid.

Energy manager can automate major loads depending on the current amount of renewable energy available. 

Major loads include things such as heat pumps, water heaters and laundry dryers. This increases the self-consumption quote whilst reducing the power consumption from the grid in order to save you money!

Image source: KickstarterAbout EMDO101 (EMDO)

The EMDO101 (EMDO) is a versatile tool which allows the connection of components such as inverters, chargers, home automation, heat pumps and heaters at your home. It is a versatile piece of electronics that glues everything in your energy infrastructure together. The device can be programmed freely, which allows for adaptation to your infrastructure.

EMDO has a bunch of interfaces already built into the device making this all easier for you. It comes with Ethernet, RS485, one relay driver, three S0 inputs (one optical and two electrical), two S0 outputs (electrical, also capable to drive solid state relay), one infrared IEC D0 energy meter reader (IEC62056-21) and temperature sensor built in. 

The EMDO also has a TCP/IP and UDP stack with MQTT client to help participate at the internet of things (IoT). A simple HTTP Server with java scripting in the web browser and a small but powerful BASIC interpreter is put to use. The device has a flash memory in order to store and visualize the recorded data, reported by Kickstarter.  

There are several ways to monitor renewable energy production with the EMDO device. The data is stored on the internal flash and displayed with the web browser. For example BASIC programs exist for reading S0 inputs, IEC62056-21 D0 reader, RS485 (Modbus Sunspec and Energy meter), Ethernet (HTTP Get, Modbus Sunspec, JSON, XML, SNMP).  

Off-Grid generators usually charge a battery and generate 24V or 48V DC output. The turbines are inexpensive as a simple inverter can be built into the turbine. With the help of the EMDO, it is possible to control an AEConvertion Inverter like the INV350 and feed the electrical power directly into the house.  

About The Swiss Embedded GmbH  

The swissEmbedded GmbH – the electronics development company located in Rieden was founded in 2002. The owner, Dr. sc. Techn. Dipl. El. Ing. ETH Daniel Haensse has many years of experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing embedded systems. Whether for medical, military applications, system monitoring, environmental systems, smart homes, as a gadget, or for off-road – the swiss embedded company has the very latest know-how.

The networking capabilities of the devices play an increasingly important role in technology.   

This campaign is underway at Kickstarter and is still 59 days to go! You can support the campaign by clicking on Kickstarter. Explore further about this Innovative product by visiting at their site at Swiss Embedded.


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