How Email Marketing Can Work For Your Startup

If you’re a startup company, then you probably know that the first seven to ten years are crucial. Those years would testify the potential of your startup, and you’ll need to achieve objectives to keep your profit high, or at least, stable.

To achieve such objectives, startups would try doing different business tactics, campaigns, and strategies, both online and offline. Besides such business strategies, there’s also one way to boost connections and revenue: Email marketing.

Email marketing has always been under online marketing strategies, but not a lot of marketers actually know the benefits it offers. This marketing tool requires little to no investment yet still provides effective results, generating leads, improving user experience, and enhances connections.

If startups can use effective email marketing strategies, then there’s a huge chance their businesses will flourish and they can build bugger customer bases. But the question is: How exactly does it work and why is it worth a startup’s time?

Read on as I show you the different benefits of email marketing for your startup!

Benefits of Email Marketing: How It Works For Startups

Did you know that consumers love receiving promotional emails? Not only that, but emails are more effective in bringing people to your business compared to social media!

Besides this, there are more benefits to email marketing to watch out for, such as:

1. It’s Easy to Use and Monitor

Compared to all the many marketing strategies available, email marketing is one of the simplest and easy to use. It’s actually an effortless job, with companies offering their services, or even by using good email marketing software.

Besides this, email marketing campaigns are much easier to track and measure. You can analyze the performance of your emails, identifying if it’s working or not. That way, both your startup and target customers benefit from the emails you send!

2. It’s Very Versatile

When you undergo email marketing campaigns, you’ll notice that they’re pretty versatile. You can include a lot into these campaigns, such as images, tests, and even links to content and attachments useful for your subscribers.

You can embed videos or share links to convey your message, which provides information to your subscribers while encouraging them to follow your call-to-action.

Besides this, email marketing campaigns give you the opportunity to send personalized emails. Personalized emails help build that personal connection, based on the recipient’s name, location, gender, and interests.

3. Offers Frequent Communication

With email marketing, you’re able to send targeted emails at particular times your subscribers usually check emails. With email marketing automation, you can reach out to your clients with a good message and at correct times.

According to a study, over 50% of businesses use marketing automation while almost 60% plan to use it in the future. This is because it makes transactions more personal and can boost revenue and engagement. Plus, it’s also easy to implement!

4. There’s a Higher Return of Investment

We all know that with marketing strategies, the higher the return of investment (ROI), the better the method. And with email marketing, it has the highest ROI compared to all the others! Almost 60% of B2B marketers say that email marketing is actually the most efficient channel.

If you do plan to focus on ROI, switch your email strategy to a broad content strategy, which offers even better results. In fact, it boasts of uptown 4,300% ROI if done correctly!

5. Improve Your Open and Click-Through Rates

A lot of small businesses and startups struggle to get their emails read by subscribers and potential clients. That’s where A/B testing comes along, a tactic that helps in creating content that readers will want to share.

A/B testing refers to sending two different versions of a similar email, seeing which one gets more opens and clicks. It helps you see what you can do to boost your rates and have people engage even more.

6. Expands Your Network

Obviously, you don’t want to stay a startup or small business forever. To continue evolving and transforming into the reputable business many knows, you’ll need a whole network and database of loyal customers.

Email marketing strategies help in doing just that, with the ability to collect email addresses with opt-in boxes included in your website. That way, you can reach out to subscribers with newsletters and promotions that entice them to follow your calls-to-action!

7. Helps You Find More Income Opportunities

Every cent you earn matters to startups and small businesses, so people always look for ways to earn more. You can actually have newer streams of income because of it.

Besides promoting your products and services, you can use email newsletters to refer other programs, products, or services that you’ve tried yourself and want to share to relevant audiences. All the sales you make from your referral links can bring you commissions, earning you more for the business.

8. Strong Customer Relationship and Business Credibility

Customers want to stay aware of all happenings in your business. They also want to know that you’re in their minds. When informing them of the latest happenings via email, you can reach your customers quickly and grow relationships!

Credibility and online presence are crucial in businesses, especially for startups. You can generate even more leads and improve brand awareness with consistent and quality email marketing, which means more income and trust among your target audiences. When customers trust your business, then they would like to promote and purchase from it.

Wrapping It Up

While people think it may not work, email marketing is actually quite beneficial and can help your startup in more ways than one. If you have no time to conceptualize and put your plans into motion, companies like SketchCorp. Brisbane can do the job for you at minimal prices!

I hope my article on how email marketing can work for your startup helped you out. So start incorporating these marketing strategies for better success now!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with email marketing, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.


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