Effects of Waste on the Environment and Health

Waste disposal is an issue by which waste management authorities have been struggling for decades. 
Improper waste handling can cause massive environmental hazards that can lead to a serious health problem for humans. Most of us dump waste in landfill sites, ground holes, and quarries and in dugs. 
All of the discarded waste does not decompose and generate a pungent smell and other harmful emissions. 
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The effects of waste on the environment can be very damaging, but on the other hand environmental waste can be manipulated to be used for reproductive purposes. 
Here we bring you some of the most prominent effects of environmental waste. 
Water Contamination
Dumped waste in water ends up to produce negatively charged elements in water that changes the water chemical composition.
Water pollution will negatively affect the environmental ecosystem that is harmful to both humans and animals.
It is highly recommended to use drinking water after boiling to prevent it from possible bacteria.
Soil Contamination
Soil contamination can be very harmful to plants as they acquire nutrients from the ground.
A rich soil provides healthy nutrients whereas contaminated soil harms plant health. For humans and animals, the consumption of such plants (vegetables) is very harmful.
Soil contamination mostly occurs when people throw used oil and other highly sensitive contaminated waste in quarries
Atmospheric Pollution
Waste, if not properly handled can cause much land and air pollution causing several human diseases.
Most of the breathing problems in humans are due to contaminated air that they breathe.
Formation of Leachate
The formation of liquid as stagnant trickles by external contamination is known as Leachate.
Leachate is an immensely toxic chemical mixture causing health hazards. It can cause fatal diseases when mixed with surface water, groundwater, or planting soil.
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