Economical and Eco-Friendly Mobile Power Options

These are many situations where a mobile power source is required, from providing your phone with a little extra charge to having a back-up on hand in case all the lights in your caravan go out.   

Portable petrol and diesel generators have been the go-to for many years but with a greater focus on environmentally friendly, more sustainable options, these aren’t always the best solution.   

Thankfully there are various economical and eco-friendly alternatives that can help power all sorts of devices, little and large.   

Natural Gas Generators  

One of the main criticisms aimed at petrol and diesel generators is the impact that poor weather can have on them. With natural gas power options such as LPG generators, this isn’t an issue as they should all run whatever the conditions. There’s a range of sizes available, whether you need a backup for your home or to power something at an event.  

As well as being a more eco-friendly choice, natural gas is a lot more economical. Bottled natural gas is around 30 to 50% cheaper to run than petrol, with the bigger the bottle the more affordable the generator is to power.   

Solar Sources

Harnessing the power of the sun has become popular to power everything from people’s homes to small phone chargers. Solar generators offer the most environmentally friendly choice as they rely solely on the sun’s rays to power their charge.   

Through multiple solar panels which collect and harvest energy, they can power all sorts of things. The amount of power generated will depend on how much sunlight they have been exposed to and the number of panels attached to the generator. Another advantage is that solar generators are silent, though there are limitations due to their size and where they’re used.   

Hand Generated Power Devices  

When it comes to mobile power options for much smaller tasks, namely charging your phone and other pocket-sized electrical devices, more varied technologies are available.    Hand generated power sources is incredibly eco-friendly as it requires no electrical hook-up and with a few minutes of turning the handle, it can get your phone working again.   

Some hand-generated power devices require more turning to deliver a greater charge, while others need time to rest in between. The main benefit of these is that they’re highly portable, only require a one-off cost and are incredibly environmentally friendly, but only suitable for small devices and short bursts of power.   

Hybrid Generators  

For some occasions, you may still want to use a petrol or diesel generator. Choosing a hybrid option can reduce noise, air pollution, and running costs by utilizing battery power.   

This also offers an opportunity to combine renewable energy to power the battery element, providing an even cleaner way to run your generator. A hybrid generator can be good for some of those larger projects and is ideal for construction sites as they minimize noise on site too.   

There are various economic and eco-friendly portable power options out there, for tasks ranging in size, to help you save money and do your bit for the environment.


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