Eco-Friendly Gardening Trends to Try Out This Summer

People all over the world are paying more and more attention to their outdoor spaces. While lawns and a few flowers used to be enough in the past, people today want much more from their gardens. However, with green movements gaining serious traction, you must ensure your outdoor space is eco-friendly. So, if you’re new to both landscaping and sustainability, here are a few trends to try out in your space this summer.


This landscaping trend is all about water conservation. While it boasts a very strong aesthetics, it requires very little maintenance due to durable and weather-resistant plants, shrubs and trees. These require very little to no irrigation and minimal maintenance, fertilization and pest control. With good soil and native plants, you can create a beautiful yet resistant xeriscape in your yard.

Eco-Friendly Gardening Trends to Try Out This Summer

Organic mulch and soil

Covering your soil with organic mulch can help it preserve its natural moisture and temperature. Additionally, it minimizes soil erosion and prevents harmful weeds from growing. This will reduce your need to waste water on irrigation and your need to use any toxic chemicals to kill weeds. Adding organic materials to your soil will also boost its nutritive value and make your plants healthy which is always green and eco-friendly.


Minimalism is taking over the world of design and affecting both our interiors and exteriors. So, if you love the look of relaxing, clean and minimalist spaces, feel free to declutter your garden and boost its relaxing effect. Start by removing tools and unnecessary furniture from your space and putting them away in your shed. If you don’t already have one, you can even find various models of sheds online and get them delivered to your garden.

It’s really a zero-fuss process that will allow you to keep your space clear, clean and well-organized and your tools protected. When it comes to landscaping, minimalism is very eco-friendly thanks to its low maintenance, so you can have a wonderful space that will not leave a huge carbon footprint behind.

Smart tech

Smart technology is slowly entering every corner of our space, so it’s not a surprise it’s starting to make its way into outdoor spaces and landscaping. Many designers and architects are implementing smart technology in gardens to make them more personalized, more eco-friendly and easier to maintain. For instance, traditional lawn mowers and leaf blowers are getting replaced by electric robots that create no pollution, no noise and require no handling. There are also sprinkles that can be programmed to fit your schedule and your climate which can reduce water waste.

Eco-Friendly Gardening Trends to Try Out This Summer

Water harvesting systems

Most people avoid investing in water harvesting systems because they disturb the look of their backyard. While they are very effective and cheap, plastic and metal barrels are quite plain looking. However, today you can find gorgeous water harvesting pots that fit into almost any design style and can serve as focal points in your backyard. The water you collect can be used for watering, washing your car or washing your pavers and deck.

Eco-friendly paving

Your hardscaping can also be eco-friendly if you use permeable pavers instead of concrete that doesn’t let any water through. Another thing you can do is use recycled materials and reuse old bricks, stones, glass and discarded concrete pieces. These can be just as beautiful as new products, but they will always be greener. Your fence and deck can also be made out of reclaimed materials!

Green lighting

If you want to boost the attractiveness of your backyard yet keep it green and energy-efficient, pick a few solar hanging lanterns. These can be placed around your seating, illuminate your tables or used around paths to boost safety. String lights might not be solar, but they require very little electricity to produce gentle illumination for your space.

Eco-Friendly Gardening Trends to Try Out This Summer

If you want to boost the comfort and look of your garden without leaving a huge carbon footprint behind, make sure to give these trends a shot. They will provide both you and our suffering planet a nice little break!

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