Eco-Composter 9000 an Eco-Friendly Recycling Device Invented by Spokane Students to Save Environment

People are now more aware of how recycling can help us improve our lives and save our natural resources and it saves our environment. All over the world people have garbage. 

The average person produces about 4.6 pounds of trash a day. That is about 1,679 pounds per year! If every family recycles, just think about how we could decrease our trash. It helps to make more space by cutting down garbage for generations to come.

Every day, we dispose of millions of tons of garbage which results in losing our natural resources because of the ill effects of too much garbage. It’s time to change our mindset to practice more for reusing and recycling materials to save the Earth.  

Eco-Friendly Recycling Device

Students of Linwood Elementary have invented a device that could help save the environment. They showed off their gadget to a local patent lawyer that promises to make recycling easier.    

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The student is demonstrating the device (Image source: Krem)  

“It feels amazing because I know that if I can make something now, what can I do in the future when I’m older?” Brenna Houk said.

The device is called the Eco-Composter 9000 and its purpose is to crush cups and milk cartons to make them more likely to be recycled. The students worked with a mechanical engineer to make their device.      

The students who created it said it was truly rewarding to show it to a patent lawyer. “It makes me feel good because that means I can change the whole state, maybe the whole country, or just the town,” Inventor Jonah Nichols said.   

The Eco Composter is one of the best tools for composting at home and it makes your composting work easy, fun and rewarding. (Source: Krem) 


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