DIY Wind Turbine Generator Kits For Clean Energy Production Launched at Kickstarter

The Wind Turbines for electricity generation have become increasingly popular and used in many part of the world.   

Still many areas there are still vast expansions of untapped wind power waiting for new solutions to take hold.  

With a mission of implementing viable solutions and help the world transition away from fossil fuels, Pacific Sky Power projects are developing new methods for harnessing clean energy –Wind turbines for the masses.  

Pacific Sky Power wind turbines have become popular for learning about power in the wind. Many schools around the world are using these wind turbines because they are safe, efficient and user friendly.  

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Go Turbines Kits (Images source: Kickstarter)  

Its wind turbines can be installed on any vehicles, bicycles, kites and kinetic wind sculptures.  

Dan Tracy is an entrepreneur with a passion for launching innovative projects. He has successfully launched a few different products on Kickstarter and currently runs Pacific Sky Power LLC (Go Turbines Kits) with a focus on clean energy innovation with a campaign goal of $1000 and still 24 days to go!  

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Images source: Kickstarter  

As per GO Turbine kits, the technical specification of a small wind turbine generator are mentioned below: 

  • Startup wind speed: 8 mph 
  • Survival wind speed: 40 mph 
  • Rotor type: Horizontal axis 
  • Rotor diameter: 15″ 
  • Generator type: Brushed 30 volt DC motor 
  • Battery charging: 12 volt DC 
  • Charging rpm: 500 to 2000 rpm 
  • Weight: 1 lb 
  • Power cable length: 8 ft 14 GA 
  • Output: 15 watts

This campaign aims to introduce GO Turbine kits and help everyone generate their own clean energy – a DIY concept.  

This Go Turbine generator starts power production in 8 mph winds and has very good prop acceleration for efficient power production.  

It can charge most batteries and works well at home, for RVs, boats, remote cabins, and camping.  

A 15″ long propeller is included along with a diode, 8 ft long, 14 GA power cable, and detailed instructions for testing.   

Generate up to 15 watts while charging a 12-volt battery. Power LED lights, personal electronics, air pumps, and more.

The basic GO Turbine Kits include a wind turbine, tail, and detailed instructions for testing. (Tower not included.)  

The Deluxe GO Turbine Kits include a wind turbine, tail, two LED light diodes, 12 volt 2.3 Ah rechargeable battery, 12-volt socket adapter, and detailed instructions for a wide variety of tests.  

The only difference in the red and blue turbine is the blue turbine comes with a stronger fiberglass reinforce prop. (Source: Kickstarter)


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