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Many people around the world are suffering from chronic illnesses which require huge money for the proper treatment. Most of time, people can’t afford costly medical expenses and rely on other’s financial assistance. As a humanitarian act, we must support the people who need urgent medical treatment. Let’s come together and support this young man, Sasha Marashev for his surgery.

A young man from St. Petersburg, Sasha Marashev (18 years old), is in urgent need of a complicated, lifesaving spine surgery on October 25th! The surgery needs to take place soon before Sasha’s level of immunity decreases and it is no longer safe. 
Sasha Marashev (Image source: Indiegogo)
Sasha suffers from an incredibly rare spinal disease, spinal muscular atrophy, a genetic condition which causes extreme muscle weakness and progressive loss of movement. The disease has caused his spine to curve drastically and prevents him from walking. His condition has become so severe that his internal organs are slowly being crushed. He has the chance to have a life-saving operation, but he needs your help! Sasha is a bright, lively young man who dazzles friends and family with his warm spirit. Your donations can save him, please help! 
From Sasha’s mother: “My son was born a healthy and joyful boy on November 29, 1996. He was growing just like other kids, but at the age of 2 he started to limp and fall regularly. With every coming year he was gradually losing his ability to walk—it became difficult for him to climb stairs and to walk long distances without stopping. Nevertheless, at age 7 Sasha went to regular school and managed to study there for 4 years. At the end of fourth grade we realized that he would not be able to continue his studies so he was transferred to a specialized school for disabled children. At the age of 14, Sasha completely lost his ability to walk. 
My son’s disease, spinal muscular atrophy, has caused his physical condition to worsen and brought on severe kyphoscoliosis. It is difficult for him even to sit in his chair—he suffers from pain daily, and his inner organs including his heart and lungs are being compressed. In order for him to have a chance to live longer, his spine needs to be straightened and fixed in place. He needs to have an urgent surgical operation in Helsinki, Finland at a specialized clinic called ORTON. We have already been examined at ORTON and are expected there as soon as possible. We are grateful to everyone who is able to help us!” 
This sum of $25,000 forms only a part of the total required for the surgery, as they are also raising funds in Russia. They will keep you updated with their progress on all fronts. 
Let’s support and contribute for his surgery by clicking Life-Indiegogo.


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