How To DM On Instagram Like A Pro: 6 Tips From Social Media Agencies

Networking and making connections is a big part of achieving your goals, and in the digital age, this means that it’s very important to understand how to DM on Instagram…the right way. DM, or direct message, is a way for Instagram accounts to connect one-on-one through an individual messaging feature. As Instagram grows in relevance in the professional world, it is becoming increasingly relevant that the people who run business Instagram accounts know how to properly utilize the DM feature.

This is an important part of online business, and it may sound a bit daunting, but don’t worry. We’re going to walk through six important things that you can easily do to transform your Insta game and start DMing like a pro!

1. Check Your Profile

Show Them Who YOU Are

DMing is all about making connections, which means that it’s a two-way street. As soon as someone receives a DM from you, they are most likely going to check out your profile. So, it’s important to make sure that your own account is in tip-top shape before you start reaching out to any other accounts.

Before you start sending DMs, make sure the person you are contacting can easily tell the purpose of your account through your profile. For example, Instagram for any business should be set up/classified as a business account (accessible through the “settings” button on your profile page). The same applies if you are any kind of creator.

Additionally, you should make sure your bio clearly shows who you are and states the purpose of your page. Your bio is a powerful aspect of your account because it can give users a lot of information on who you are as a brand. So make sure your bio is the best possible representation of your business!

Making these simple changes will add reliability and credibility to your account, and your page will look professional and organized.

2. Study The Account

Know Your Stuff

Now your account is ready to mix and mingle. Time to switch the focus to the recipient of your DM.

Before sending a DM, make sure you understand the brand and niche that the user is working in. Your goal here is to engage in a successful conversation, so you need to be very familiar with the other account. Make sure you brush up on the industry and the specific brand you’re reaching out to so that you can hold an intelligent, engaging discussion.

You’ll also want to adjust your tone and approach according to the account you’re DMing. Depending on the style of the other account, you may want your messages to sound more casual or more professional. Either way, don’t forget to incorporate your own voice as well. The tone of your brand should be the primary tone of the message…Adjust from there!

If you go for a more casual tone, try adding gifs and emojis to make the conversation feel friendly and authentic – but not too many, since you still want your messages to appear clean and professional. It’s all about finding the right balance.

3. Reach Out To Your Target Audience

Don’t Be Shy – Make The First Move

Don’t be afraid to make the first move! Once you learn how to DM on Instagram properly, it will be important to put these skills to use – and not just after someone DMs you first.

Instead of just trying to attract your target audience to you, be proactive and reach out to them. This will show the other account that they matter to your company, and it will attract ideal followers to your account.

Even if all of your DMs don’t lead to the best business collaboration your brand has ever seen, you’ve still accomplished something great by reaching out and taking a step to connect. This will spread the word about your business and likely increase your base of followers. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth!

4. Be Ready To Apologize

Say You’re Sorry And Take Action

Now let’s talk about how to DM on Instagram when the topic of conversation is less pleasant.

If a customer is reaching out about an issue with your product or service, make sure you are apologetic and not defensive. Remember, your goal is to leave customers with a positive impression of you. So, hear out their concerns, make the customer feel valued, and apologize to them. If you respond to the DM on the defensive, that will only reflect poorly on you and your brand.

Then, look into the issue! Don’t just apologize and forget about it. If a customer is taking the time to reach out to you and bring an issue to your attention, then it is important that you do all you can to fix it. And make sure the customer is aware of this – personalize your responses to make it clear that their service is important to you.

Customer concerns/complaints can actually provide a unique opportunity for you to exemplify your brand’s sense of customer service and efficiency. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by!

5. Is It Serious? Move The Conversation Elsewhere.

There’s A Correct Platform For Every Message

DMs are great for quick responses and first introductions. But, if the situation is serious or unique, move the conversation to a more professional platform such as email or a phone call.

This will show that you are taking the situation seriously and not just trying to quickly respond and move on. A key part of individualized messaging, like DMing on Instagram, is representing your brand in front of customers and other account administrators. Prioritize every conversation to leave them with a good impression.

And, having important conversations on more professional platforms will help keep things organized for you – don’t let an important interaction get lost in your list of DMs!

6. Be Quick to Respond

Punctuality Is Everything

Once you get a response, make sure you are prepared to answer promptly. A good tip is to have one person designated to respond to DMs if you are a business with multiple team members, or just to have your notifications on if you are a solo account. You don’t want to drive away a collaboration or a customer because you took too long to respond!

Even further, it’s a good idea to set a service level agreement time. This is a timeframe within which you respond to all messages. Set one of these for yourself, and stick to it. Once again, it will reflect well on your brand, as well as holding you to a consistent standard.

Put It Into Practice

Making Changes, Today

So, there you have it – 6 tips on how to DM on Instagram like a pro. These changes are not difficult to implement, and they will carry into other aspects of your business, improving your overall decorum.

You don’t need to do a complete overhaul overnight, but try implementing some or all of these tips the next time you send out a DM – your brand will thank you!

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