How to Get Digital Signature

Digital signature process us greatly embraced in the entire world. Official and legal works become so easy and fast. Digital signatures need authentication for use it officially. This type of signature is an electronic numeric set with mathematical value.

It makes the work more accurate and faster. Digital signature protects the file from getting alteration. Containing pin-code, country name, email address of user apply the digital signature on the digital documents and give the validation of the file.

The digital signature needs an official authentication before using or else it can raise an issue of originality. So for this, it is very important to know how to get a digital signature.

Different Using of Digital Signature

Digitalization of documents has increased the use of digital signatures. Any type of digital documents can get the proper validation by using a digital signature. There are several places where people can use the digital signature.

For personal use

People can use a digital signature on every personal digital document for security purposes.

For business purpose

Digital signature can be used in digital documents to send to business partners, investors, shareholders. The signs can be used in the engineering and construction purpose to sign the deals also. It gives a good flow to the business.

For e-filing different tax

Invention of the digital signature is an excellent process to file different taxes like income tax, GST filing, ROC filing easily. E-filing is now one of the easier, faster, efficient and convenient options to complete a work. Several companies need to submit numerous files to Registrar of Companies in India all over the year. So for them apply digital signature in e-filing is a great relief.

Finance and insurance sector

Several sectors like Insurance companies, application of loan, mortgage, buying and renting properties both the customers and the authority found digital signature is convenient and comfortable option to work. Authentication of signatures helps both side people to close a deal properly.

Create a Digital Signature

A digital signature is created and applied online. It gives an extra level of security to the digital documents.

Digital sign in a document whether it is a self-made document or an attached link, needs to follow some steps.

●     Open the document with an electronic signature tool.

●     Sometimes the tool may ask to sign in. So follow the instructions and start or sign it.

●     Follow the next several options one by one.

●     verify the user’s identity and follow the instructions to add your digital signature in the document.

How to Get a Digital Signature

The official works, legal deals are now becoming incomplete without digital signature. Digital signatures are created and issues by efficient qualified technicians.

There are some famous Certifying Authorities available in the industry which are Trust Service Provider. Here are some powers they have

●      They have the power to issue authorized digital signatures of individuals. Which are also protected by pin-codes, passwords, etc?

●     The certifying authorities follow some rules and procedures to keep the data safe and secure.

There are some of the trusted sites that people can use to get a digital signature certificate. They can guide users on how to get a digital signature.

Importance of Digital Certificate

A digital certificate is a very much important matter. It provides the public key which can provide the proper validation of the signature. The certificate makes the signature authentic.

How to Apply Digital Signature in a Word File Document

The whole process of inserting a digital signature in a word file is very simple.

●     Click on the ‘Insert’ tab and click on a ’pen holding’ icon. Then two options will appear.

●     Click on Microsoft office line option and then a signature set up box will appear where people need to fill certain tabs. Press ok.

● An ‘X’ box will appear, type the user name.

●     Click on ‘select image’ option.

Different Classes of Digital Signature

A digital signature provides different kinds of certificates.

●     Class 1certificate- This certificate is issued for individual personals.

●     Class 2 certificate- This certificate is issued for the directors of the Registrar of Companies.

●     Class 3 certificates- This certificate is for online participation in the e-auction.

A digital signature is a harmless process to use in business deal purpose. Multiple applications can be signed within a minute. The authentication of the individual digital signature secures the documents from the frauds.


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