Different Things to Know About Different Parts of Cars

Car parts basically refer to the numerous parts that an automobile has. A car is an extremely complex machine and has numerous parts. Though some of the cars with modern technologies use automated computerized technologies but most of cars still rely on the traditional manual technologies.
Car Parts
Car Parts

Some common car parts which needs regular servicing:

There are hundreds of major or minor parts in a car. The common car parts are explained below.
  • Engine: The engine can be termed as heart of an automobile. Usually the cars have internal combustion engines that tend to run on gasoline. Gas combined with air is usually drawn into a heated chamber. The engines usually have multiple cylinders and the power output is depends on the number of the cylinders along with the factors such as type of transmission and timing of the combustion. If you find any problems in your car engine or transmission systems then you need to repair then on urgent basis, otherwise you cannot able to drive your car anymore.
  • The drive line: It consists of numerous components that connect motion that is produced by the engine to the wheels of the vehicle. The engine is usually connected to a metal shaft commonly termed as drive shaft through the transmission. The usually use the metal gears to match with the speed of the engine.
  • Electrical system: The vehicles usually have a rechargeable battery system that gets the power from the engine. The battery helps in starting the vehicle, gives power to the starter or fuel pumps and provides motion to the engine. They also give power to the radio, headlights, dashboards, turns the signals and numerous safety sensors. They also help in functioning of the automated doors and windows. These electrical systems are commonly wired with multiple fuses. As you know that car battery is the main power source and you need to maintain your car battery. In this case, you must change the battery after a certain time or mileage, and you must check the water level of your car battery everyday. 
  • Brakes and wheels: There are several types of brakes and wheels suitable for different conditions. The brakes are an essential part of a vehicle and they are an important safety tool of your car too. They can be either drum or disc type. Disc ones use a spinning disc that can be pinched between the brake pads that are mounted on the calipers which helps in slowing the motion of the car while the drum ones make use of shoes that can be pushed outwards the spinning wheel. Some of the cars contain both types of brakes which other contain either of the two. After a certain time, you can find some problems in your brake pads and you need to change them with a new pair of brake pads.  
  • Dashboards instruments: The instrumentation is one of the most visible parts of the car. Along with fuel gauge and speedometer there are also other instruments that are quite essential. The tachometer which shows the speed of the engine in Rotations per minute (RPM) indicates the current strength of the engine. The engine temperature gauge or oil pressure gauge helps in detecting issues such as engine leakage or leakage of oil respectively.
Car Parts
Car Parts
There other car parts include  spark plugs, piston, valves, piston rings, crankshaft, connecting rod, bumper which are exposed or unexposed, cowl screen, bonnet, fascia support or rear, front clip, pillar, grille, hard trip, quarter panel, spoiler both rear and front ones, roof rack, trim package, welded assembly, valance, door panel  or beam, outer and inner door handles, door seal, door control module, door seals, bonnets, lock, hinge, sunroof and sunroof motor and window motor, window regulator and numerous other parts.


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