Dianceht Creates a Range of Hand-Painted Prosthetic Body Parts That Look Real

The concept of prosthetic is not new to us and it has evolved throughout history. The earliest recorded mention is the warrior queen Vishpala in the Rigveda.   

According to the disabled-world, the Egyptians were early pioneers of the idea, as shown by the wooden toe found on a body from the New Kingdom. Roman bronze crowns have also been found, but their use could have been more aesthetic than medical.  

Artificial limbs, or prostheses, are used to replace a missing body part which may have been lost due to trauma, disease or congenital defect. The type of prosthesis a person can use is dependent on the individual, including the cause of amputation or limb loss, and the location of the missing extremity.  

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Image credit: Dianceht  

The technological advances in medical science, a few experimental prostheses have been integrated with body tissues, including the nervous system. These highly advanced devices can respond to commands from the central nervous system, more closely approximating normal movement and utility than older prostheses.

Recent progress in both materials science and technology has resulted in significant advancements in prosthetic limbs.    Now, the Mexican manufacturer ‘Dianceht’ based in Guadalajara offers unique prostheses that you do not recognize from the actual parts of the body!  

Dianceht was established in 2005 and has been focusing on the development of quality and innovative products ever since. Their products are intended for people with amputated parts of the body, such as fingers, hands, arms, external ears, feet, legs and noses.  

Aesthetic prostheses are plastic sculptures that simulate parts of the body; they cover up the missing part and obtain aesthetic balance. This aids the amputee in integrating himself or herself in his or her social, family, and work environments.   

They are developing nearly perfect human body parts which can easily be matched and fitted into the body. The prostheses are made of elastomers of siloxane-silicon chains. This material provides a high degree of resistance to breakage and the necessary elasticity. These materials do not dissolve the prosthesis with conventional organic solvents, such as acetone, alcohol, gasoline, grease, etc.  

In addition, the lack of carbon in its structure makes it very resistant to high temperatures. This material has outstanding elastic properties and excellent breaking resistance, as well.   

The company focuses not only on the aesthetic aspect, which will facilitate the reintegration of the prosthesis into the society without fear of causing unwanted attention but also for the functionality where hand or finger prostheses allow simple tasks to be performed. The cost of an artificial finger is 600 euros; ear or nose would go up slightly more than 1,150 euros.  

Dianceht’s aesthetic prostheses achieve a high degree of similarity to the real appearance in skin tone, texture, freckles, spots, and nails because of its custom design.   

The union of the prosthesis to the body is made in such a way that it is not noticed and the most frequent way is by means of suction, when placing the prosthesis in the stump, a slight vacuum is formed between the plastic and the skin keeping it in its position, without fear of it loosening during its daily use or when shaking hands.   

The useful life of prosthesis will depend on several factors such as the type of prosthesis, care is taken of it, profession, etc. According to the company, some of their clients with more than 10 years who are still using the same prosthesis and is still in good condition, however, proper care are to be taken to make it long lasting.  

The prosthesis is made to order and hand-painted, the whole process takes several days. For example, a finger thimble for a distal phalange requires approximately 3 months and 4 months for an arm. Their fingers have adequate prints, realistic veins, and even peeves. Ears and other prostheses are attached with a medical adhesive that lasts for up to 7 days and can also shower. 


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