Designer Martin Hulin created an electric bike e-raw with fusion of molded wood and electronics

There has been a recent trend to go green all the way by creating electric bikes in wood, a biodynamically sustainable and organic medium (it contains all those cool words).   

Bamboo and wooden bicycles have been popular for a few years. Wooden electric bikes started to creep out of the woodwork. The fusion of molded wood and electronics components to create an electric bike is rarely seen before.  

Designer Martin Hulin was influenced by classic customs and café racers, and with the expemotion ’e-raw’, he links the language of technology with lines of the past.  

Basically, the designer Martin Hulin’s approach was to develop this project with the values of mechanics and electronics in harmony, with both transparency and durability.

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 Images credit: expemotion  

Four craftsmen contributed to making this project come true, bringing raw materials together like metal and wood. The tubular steel frame contains the batteries and supports the plywood seat post.   

More than 80 layers have been molded to create this wooden piece, making the seat post elastic and rigid at the same time. Isn’t it an amazing wooden bike? (Via Designboom)  

Get more info about this e-raw electric bike at expemotion.


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