How to Design a Modern Office That Says Luxury To Everyone

When we want to create something that says luxury to everyone, we need to consider a few key design elements. These office elements don’t have to be expensive or out of reach if we know how to design a modern office. We’ll tell you how to turn any office into a space that exudes sophistication and style.

The layout

Consider your office’s layout, whether you’re thinking of your home or company office. A well-designed layout will make the most of the space and create a sense of flow. If possible, incorporate natural light into the design, as it will create a brighter and more welcoming atmosphere. Draw an outline of your office space on a piece of paper and play with the layout until you nail the right one.

Functionality and productivity

When designing an office, you must consider a functional design that will only spark further productivity. Offices should be designed to adhere to different work styles – some people thrive in an open office, while others need a quiet corner. Any public area of the office has to e far away from a private area. A semi-private office area can fit perfectly between these two areas.

Colour palette

Colours can easily turn a boring space into a more sophisticated space. That’s why you should also think about the colour palette you’ll use. If you want to emphasise the luxury effect of your office, feature a neutral colour scheme. A neutral colour palette is a common theme in luxury design. This allows for sudden pops of colour added through artwork and accessories and any other feature office design element.  You can also consider using bold, statement-making colours but just as details, such as on an accent wall or a rug if you’re designing your home office.

Think about non-work areas as well

Non-work office areas should be given special attention. People will spend time in the leisure room or game room and step out on the patio, kitchen and bathrooms. Making your office bathroom look luxurious is the easiest thing. You can add elements like useful bidet attachments to improve hygiene and reduce toilet paper usage while making a statement about the level of quality and attention to detail in your office.


Lighting is another key aspect of any office design. Luxurious offices are well-lit, and the lighting fixtures are of a contemporary design. You can go bold with lighting fixtures and combine them perfectly with your neutral colour scheme. Choose matte black lighting fixtures and contribute further to the modern and luxurious office vibe. Consider installing dimmer switches, which allow you to adjust the lighting depending on the task at hand. You could also invest in a few statement lighting fixtures, such as a chandelier for a conference room or a floor lamp for a leisure room. This will light up the office areas and add a touch of glamour to the space.


Furniture is another important element of a luxury office design. Invest in high-quality, timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. If you’re designing your home office, go for leather chairs, wooden desks, and marble accents. These are all classic choices that enhance the luxury vibes. If you’re designing a luxury company office, don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and materials to create a unique and stylish look.

Be smart about storage.

There’s a common theme in modern office spaces – the storage options are lacking. Desks are without drawers, and the storage is reduced to a minimum. That’s why you can be smart about storage and still maximise office space usage. Just ensure every employee has their own drawer or a shelf where they can store their belongings. Also, ensure that office shelves and storage boxes are perfectly blended with your colour palette, furniture and modern design.

Add finishing touches

Finishing touches cover cable covers, accessories and artwork. All of these elements are the final touches that will bring your luxury office design to life. Look for pieces that reflect your business and for colours that spark productivity and creativity. These small touches will add character and personality to your office and will also be instagrammable or Linkedin friendly, especially if you’re working hard on your employer branding. People want to work in a beautiful office, so your Linkedin posts will illustrate how your office is luxuriously designed.

Create a luxurious lounge

If your corporate specs if large enough to fit in a lounge, this can be your next step towards more luxurious office vibes. A lounge is where candidates coming for an interview can sit down and review their planned interview questions in their heads. Or, if you work with clients and other businesses, a lounge can serve as a comfortable waiting area that leaves a great first impression. This lounge area has to be stylish, modern and equipped with more than just a coffee machine and a coffee table. You can make this area different from any other by choosing bold, purple and blue hues and combining them together. Every person that sits there will get the impression you want – you are a serious business that wants everyone to feel comfortable.

Enrich the area with large pieces of art

Let’s play a bit with people’s psychology. When a person sees an office or a home filled with art, they will normally assume that the person or a business is rich. This is because art is considered a luxury; it isn’t something you actually need to survive. But when you can spend money on beautiful paintings and unique sculptures just to enrich the space, it means that you value aesthetics and want to surround people with beautiful pieces of art.

Use stylish glass room dividers

Many businesses still use an open office concept for their business. This is because you can use the space wisely and not waste it on walls if you feel that would create the opposite effect. With an open office, people don’t have that sense of a closed space. The space is vast and open. Especially when there is a ton of natural light and different kinds of additional lighting options, the open space can work. However, if you still want to add some privacy while keeping the space open, you can use stylish glass room dividers.

Use the calming power of a biophilic design

Plants heal. Plants reduce stress. The biophilic design infuses offices with warmth, life and better energy. On the other hand, it also improves air quality and adds colour to the office. It has also been proven that plants improve workplace productivity. At the same time, they are considered on of the luxury design elements so don’t be afraid to include biophilic design in your luxury office.

In conclusion

If your office is big enough, try to step away from the open office concept. Even though open offices look spacious, people don’t actually enjoy this. Especially if you want to create a luxury office design, section your office into private rooms, semi-private and open space areas. People will choose an area to work from based on their preferences. Only then will they pay attention to all the carefully chosen luxurious details. By incorporating these elements into your office design, you’ll create a space that exudes sophistication and impresses everyone who enters.

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