How a Dental Crown can Repair Broken and Chipped a Tooth?

Were you eating something hard and felt your teeth crack? A chipped or broken tooth can scare the living daylights out of everyone, but fret not for broken teeth are the top most common dental injuries in America, as per the American Association of Endodontists. With the advancement in dentistry, there are ways to restore your teeth, and your dentist can quickly help you do so with a dental crown. (Image credit-Searchgateway)

How to care for a chipped tooth?

Although the enamel of your teeth is hard, it has its own limits. If you put too much pressure on them while eating or receive a blow to your teeth, it can lead to immense damage. In case you have broken your teeth, it is better that you make a quick appointment with your dentist. Only a professional can assess the damage and protect your teeth from infection. But, if you have acute pain and there is still time for your appointment, do the following:

• Try to avoid eating anything hard. Opt for soft food and try not to use the broken tooth while chewing.

• Rinse your mouth with salt water if you are experiencing pain. If the pain persists, taking a pain killer will be helpful.

• The sharp edges of your broken tooth can cut the insides of your cheek or tongue, so cover it with chewing gum.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are prosthetics that a dentist uses to restore broken teeth. In simpler words, it is the cap that goes over your chipped tooth, to restore not only the aesthetics but also its functionality. They resemble the original teeth in shape, size, and color and cover up the outer surface of the chipped tooth entirely. Since they cover up the ‘crown’ surface of teeth, they get themselves the name of dental crowns.

A dentist makes dental crowns keeping in mind the dental structure of the patients. It implies that each crown is custom made and fits just on top of the broken teeth. It is cemented to ensure that it stays intact in its position. While there are ceramic crowns available, which are the most common, you can even get them in porcelain and metal.

How a dental crown restores broken or chipped a tooth?

In case you have only broken a small part of the enamel of your tooth, a dentist ideally tries to cover it up through filling. They can use the process of bonding to cover it up if it is the front of your tooth that has suffered damage.

But, if you have some major damage and lost a significant part of your tooth, the dentist then opts for dental crowns. The first thing they do is grind away all the rough edges of the broken tooth. And after that, the orthodontist takes specifications to make a dental crown to cover up that teeth. The orthodontist or technician then makes the crowns or caps in different materials like porcelain, metal, resin, or even ceramic.

Along with the broken tooth, do you also feel immense pain and discomfort? Then there are chances that the damage is not just external, but goes to the pulp or the roots of your teeth as well. Here the nerves, blood vessels, and even the tissues are affected, and it requires immediate professional attention.

In such a case, the doctor performs another dental procedure called root canal treatment, where they remove the infection or the damaged material from the roots. They make a hole in the affected tooth to reach the root and then extract the pulp. Once they remove all the infection and dead tissue, they disinfect the entire area and then fill it with biocompatible material. Lastly, they close the hole and place a dental crown on top of it. A professional orthodontist will always ensure that the cap not only fits well but also fixed properly so that it doesn’t come off.

Why should you get a dental crown?

While a dental crown becomes essential when you damage your teeth, here are a few reasons why getting them is the right choice:

Give your teeth a natural look:

A chipped tooth can hamper your looks and then affect your self-confidence. If a broken tooth is not letting you smile or interact with people, then getting a cap to cover it up will be the best decision you make. Getting a ceramic crown will restore the natural look of your teeth.

Restores functionality:

When you break your teeth, it primarily affects how you eat since you cannot put too much pressure on it. You might even have to say goodbye to your favorite food, either because it is hard or sweet or maybe both. But by getting the right dental crown, you can restore your teeth’s strength and function. Made from a sturdy material, and fixed precisely, a cap works just as well as your real teeth. So, you can get back to enjoying chocolate or ice cream, once you get a crown.


A good quality crown can last for years if you take good care of them by brushing gently on a regular basis and keep them clean.

Final Thoughts

Your teeth play a pivotal role, be it facilitating food intake, or giving you a pleasant outlook. Having a damaged or broken tooth can be quite embarrassing and painful; we cannot forget that it can lead to a myriad of other dental problems. Therefore it gets essential to get the right treatment at the right time when it comes to your precious teeth.

With the help of advanced dental tools and technologies, you can get the best treatment to restore your chipped teeth back to its original shape. Does your child have broken or chipped teeth and is also fussy about things? Getting crown pediatrics to cover up the damaged teeth will be the ideal pick for them. It will complement their original teeth and also give a natural look.

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