Delta Launches Innovative Wireless Charging Systems for the Material Handling Industry

There is an increase in demand and adoption of wireless charging for public transit both in the developed as well as developing countries across the world. 

Plugging and unplugging of electric vehicles every time result inconvenience and design of multiplicity of connector standards based on the type and rate of power transfer.

To boost the wireless battery charging for the material handling industry, Delta Americas introduces the super high-efficiency onboard chargers, modular stationary chargers, and wireless charging systems.


Images credit: Delta

Delta Americas serves the IT, communications, industrial automation, renewable energy, lighting, power tool, automotive electric vehicle, and other major industries.

Presently, the majority of industrial chargers that commonly waste more that 50% of the power consumed from the AC line.

Now, Delta systems can apply to a wide range of industrial vehicles from forklifts to Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), covering the applications from 300W to 30kW.

It quickly & efficiently charges the batteries and eliminates the need for expensive cables and connectors or human intervention. 

Due to no wear and tear of wired systems, you can improve the overall workflows and timeliness of electric vehicle charging.

It easily integrates into the vehicle using a base pad that connected to a wall-box and low-weight onboard unit.

It communicates with the vehicle via CANBus along with transmitting and receiving sections via Wi-Fi.

The features include no wear parts, waterproof IP65, fully automated charging, low weight on the vehicle and provides over 93% efficiency.

The 30kW wireless system is able to charge a 600Ahr-48V battery in 60 minutes, says Company.

The charging units designed for harsh environments and store up to 2,000 charging cycles accessible by an interface.

The innovative products of Delta Americas will be on display at PROMAT 2017 in Chicago from April 3-6 at booth #S1971. (Source: PRNewswire)


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