Decluttering 101: Easy Tips for Quick Decluttering

Are you hooked on your new minimalist lifestyle? Maybe you just want to reduce the time it takes for you to clean and tidy up your home. Or maybe you’re tired of always losing things in the mess that is your house. No matter what the motivation behind your decluttering is, it is always a good step that will have beneficial effects on your mental and physical health and boost the aesthetic appeal of your home. But, decluttering isn’t easy! Here are just some of the best tips to help you on your journey.

Get a fresh perspective

You probably entered your home thousands of times, so it’s natural you “forgot” the way your space really looks. In that case, invite your friends over and ask them to tell you their first impressions. Pay special attention to the cleanliness and organization of your home and you’ll get to make excellent changes using their feedback.

Decluttering 101: Easy Tips for Quick Decluttering

Have a plan

At the end of your decluttering process, you will have a lot of things to throw away, so make sure to have a plan of disposal. You can’t just throw your junk away wherever you want, especially if you live in well-organized and green cities like Sydney. The sooner you get unwanted things out of your life, the better, so get the number of a good agency dealing in fast rubbish removal in Sydney and they will take your trash off of your hands in no time. Being green and being clutter-free is more than possible!

Stock up on boxes

Get four boxes for every room and label them as following: keep, relocate, give away and throw away. Each item in your home belongs to one of these four categories, no matter how small and seemingly insignificant. This task can take some time, but it’s the most thorough way to declutter your home, realize you have too many things and keep exactly the things you need and get rid of those you don’t.

Donate your clothing

Most people struggle with decluttering their closets the most. In order to do so without too much fuss, just hang all your clothing on hangers and put them in your closet in the reverse direction. Every time you wear an item, face the hanger the correct way. After a few months, donate everything you didn’t touch.

Move on when you’re stuck

At some point, you’re bound to start struggling with your decluttering process. You will come across things that will make you indecisive and that’s perfectly normal. However, don’t allow yourself to get completely stuck and put your decluttering on hold. As soon as you start struggling, move on to another area to keep the energy and momentum going. Once you’re ready to tackle your problematic area, you will see that it’s not that big of a deal. Decluttering can be done in stages and every item will have its time. So, don’t dwell on things too much, but push your purge forward.

Decluttering 101: Easy Tips for Quick Decluttering

Take photos for motivation

If you often struggle with motivation, try this trick: grab a camera and photograph your home. You can start with the most problematic area like your closet or your kitchen counter. As soon as you finish cleaning, compare your before and after photos. Once you see just how tidy and beautiful your place can be, you will be filled with motivation to keep it clean and continue to declutter your home on a regular bases.

Celebrate your success with a nice house party to show off your new and improve space. You might also want to examine how living in a clutter-free home makes you feel. Calm? Excited? Proud? When you start noticing all the benefits, you will make decluttering your monthly activity and start really enjoying the process.

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