Danish Start-up Builds a Solar-Powered KVAERN E-bike That Lets Cyclists Go Completely Off-Grid!

The concept of solar-powered e-bikes is now totally changed with a new design, sleek in size and upgraded technology in terms of battery and solar energy equipment.  

There was a time when riding a solar-powered bicycle meant covering yourself with so many voltaic contraptions you look like a crazy spy satellite.   The e-bike developed by the Copenhagen based Danish start-up ‘Kvaern’ is going to be the trendsetter for an electric mobility.   

Kvaerne bike2
Kvaerne bike

Images credit: KVAERN  

KVAERN means “cool ride” in Danish, and that is exactly what they aim for, creating cool bike experiences with a truly off-the-grid e-bike solution.  

By developing the Kvaern bike, the company encourages to leave the car at home and take your bike instead for smaller trips. In fact, this solution can’t get rid of cars completely out of the cities, but it’s definitely a step towards a more fun and easy alternative.    

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Images source: Indiegogo  

The new bike is more than just an e-bike, has many elegant and efficient features such as – a range of up to 31 miles, 0-25 km/h in 4.5 sec, powerful 250-watt motor, German patented smart torque sensor technology, off-the-grid solar power pack, cool design, and much more!

It has an impressive frame that provides exceptional control. The front suspension provides a smooth ride on every surface. Its bold aluminum frame, top and down tubes, and five-spoke magnesium alloy wheels help in building a sturdy frame without compromising stylish look.  

Its technological refinements include a trip computer on the handlebars that displays speed, mileage, and battery level, an integrated Bluetooth speaker, plus front and rear tail-lights.   

Tackling limited battery life is a problem that just about every e-Bike on the market faces. The creator of the Kvaern e-bike has made some novel attempts to combat this issue in the past; none address the issue at scale.   

The replaceable battery is hidden in the tube of the bike frame, sheltering it from all elements. While its smart torque sensor activates the motor once you apply pressure to the pedal which gives you instance thrust!  

The optimal working temperature range for the battery is between 0 °C to 40 °C while the maximum working range is between -20 °C to 60 °C.  

The eBike pairs with an external solar charger and power pack to refuel without needing to plug in back at home. So anywhere you can tout the solar charging array, you can power up your ride.  

It weighs just at 30-40 pound range and is on par with many of the other e-bikes available in the market and is designed to carry up to 120 kg payload.  

The creator of the pedal-assisted bike is seeking to crowdfund via its campaign on Indiegogo and got a fantastic response from the people. 


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