Crystal Green Energy Invents New Solar Optic Modules that operates at around 40 percent Efficiency compared to 15% Conventional Solar Panel

Power your life with the highest amperage Compact Heat and Power CHP – solar module system in the world!

A Sudbury-based green technology company Crystal Green Energy Corporation envisions every home or business in the World harnessing the Sun to minimize fossil fuel consumption. It is making inroads in the U.S. with testing of their innovative solar devices in Arizona.

(Image Credit: Crystal Green Energy)
It has been working on their Solar Optic Modules (SOMs) for five years now. In February, they began testing at the Arizona Center for Innovation in Tucson.
From these modules, you’ll get electrical and thermal energy and the system to process and store the energy that you harness.
Image credit: Cristal Green Energy – Linked In)
Each of the SOMs panels is about 1m square. Each panel will be able to provide 324W of electrical power and 1.5 times the thermal power. The tremendous heat created is drawn away by a thermal loop creating a Combined Heat and Power unit (CHP) which can be used to provide electricity and heat water.
The mobile 2-SOM system now being tested in Arizona. (L-R) Kelsey Leduc (EIT) Amjad Malik (optics engineer) Gilles Leduc (inventor-president of CGE) (Image credit: Crystal Green Energy – Linked In)
Some of the unique properties of SOMs as per their site are mentioned below:
• Solar Electricity and Solar Thermal in one unit
• Two types of energy, 1 controller
• 4 cells per parabolic mirror
• High Amperage and Low Voltage for quicker charging capabilities
• Nickel-Zinc Batteries
• No trickle charging required
• Integrated Systems
• Dual Axis Sun Tracking
Solar Optic Module VS. Traditional Panel comparison 
Their system includes the thermal storage tank, electrical storage and the smart control panel which includes the inverters, sub-panels and controllers requires for a plug and play system. 
If your panels are low and cannot sustain a power failure, the batteries will pull energy at a lower cost during the night to charge up to an amount to be able to sustain in case of a power outage. A special type of battery used that is able to handle high amperage for a quicker charge. The Nickel-Zinc batteries are also recyclable. 

Quoted in a Radio-Canada story, Gilles Leduc, inventor and president of Crystal Green Energy, says solar panels today have almost the same efficiency as they did when they were invented about 40 years ago, and that’s unacceptable.
Leduc says four of his panels are enough to power and heat water for a typical Canadian home and they can be hooked up to batteries to store surplus power for use later, reports rcinet.
A side effect is that the panels generate tremendous heat, from 100-200 degrees Celsius. Rather than lose that “free” energy, a heat exchanger is added to heat water for a dwelling or small business thus the unit becomes a Combined Heat and Power system (CHP). Crystal Green Energy hopes to be able to market their product by 2017.


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