Take these Criteria into Account and Select the Perfect Wetsuit!

Take these Criteria into Account and Select the Perfect Wetsuit!

If you are wondering how to spend your summer holidays, then think out of the box this time! Visiting places and taking pictures in front of monuments can wait.   

Now is the time to take excitement and adventure to a whole new level. If you really want to feel that adrenaline rush, you can think about indulging in water sports. If you are not afraid of the depths of the ocean, you could try out surfing, snorkeling or scuba diving.  

These water activities are not only fun and exciting but also have the right amount of adventure! Imagine discovering a whole new world underwater! It can be said without a doubt that it will be a breath-taking scenario.   

However, in order to make the most of it, you must have the proper accessories with you. All the necessary accessories for every kind of water activities can be found in the surfshop in Devon.   

The Board Barn in the UK offers a wide range of apparel, accessories, and equipment for various kinds of water sports. They guarantee on providing only the best products and a wide selection of items to choose from.  

Various criteria for selecting a wetsuit

When you are thinking about water sports, having a proper wetsuit is extremely important. You cannot just dive into the ocean in your normal bathing suit. The wetsuit serves a various purpose that many of us are unaware of. Naturally, feeling comfortable in it is also very important.   

However, you can also check out the Board Barn if you are just looking for things you can just wear on the beach, including sunglasses and deus ex machina clothing in UK. To resume, here are a few criteria for selecting the perfect wetsuit:  

1. Main Purpose: 

The first thing to consider when you are buying a wetsuit is what you are buying it for. It depends on whether you need it for swimming or windsurfing or kayaking or surfing etc. A thumb rule is to get a lighter wetsuit for the flexibility required in swimming than for the other activities.

2. Temperature: 

There are various kinds of wetsuits having varying thickness. The thickness is usually chosen according to season; whether it is autumn, winter, or spring. Or else, you can choose it depending on how sensitive you are towards cold water. If you are looking for a wetsuit for the summers, you could go for a 5/4 i.e. a suit having a 5 mm thick neoprene on the body and 4mm thickness on the arms.   

And for particularly warm days, you could choose one with short legs and sleeves. For winter, it’s best to go for a 5/4 or a 6/5/4. You could also get one which has a rubberized chest pad to offer greater protection from the wind during wind sports.  

3. Fastening: 

You can also select wetsuit depending on the type of fastening it has. First, the back zip, where a zip runs throughout the backside of the wetsuit. This type is extremely easy to put on. Second, the zip is located in front of the chest area.   

This type allows for higher flexibility and also prevents water from entering inside. Lastly, zip free suits are made from neoprene materials. This kind is the best kind and allows for maximum flexibility.  

4. Material: 

Another important criterion for selecting a wetsuit is by its material. The suit you choose must provide warmth and be flexible and strong. The neoprene quality used to make the wetsuit determines how comfortable it will be. It is always better to go for super stretch neoprene material that allows maximum flexibility.  

5. Fit: 

The next crucial criterion to keep in mind is the fit. The extra pocket space that’s present between the suit and the wearer’s skin is provided to trap a layer of ocean water and give warmth. If the suit is baggy, the water won’t get heated much and if it’s too tight, there won’t be enough water. So, there’s no otherwise, you need to have a proper fitting wetsuit.  

These are the few basic criteria for selecting a wetsuit. Tick these off the checklist when you go wetsuit shopping, and you shall come home with a perfect buy.


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