How to Create Your Perfect Workstation

Whether you are working from home, studying at a university or creating a desk space for hobbies like gaming or writing, you should optimize your workspace.   

A dull desk does little to provoke imagination or inspire a desire to work, whereas a perfect, homemade office station can help you to be more productive, creative and happy.   

The key considerations to making your perfect workstation are functionality, ergonomics, and style. With the right balance of each, you will find long hours of working at your desk much more rewarding.  

Functionality and Purpose 

The first consideration, before you take any more steps, is to outline what you do at your desk. Is it university homework or computer-aided design? Gaming or typing?   

The gifts needed for an online grind station include an exceptionally comfortable chair for dealing with long sessions, a wireless mouse, and a dual-screen setup. The purpose of your office space will determine what equipment you need and how to set it up.  

Be sure to have all the right equipment to maximize functionality, including electronics like computers (consider that you can build your own) with the appropriate software, printers, and scanners, plug sockets, and extensions, even down to the basics like pens and paper.  

I like the idea that a workspace should have everything that you need and nothing that you don’t need. Keep it minimalist for maximum functionality with minimum fuss. Store anything you don’t need cupboards and keep anything you do need accessible with shelves and drawers.  


Anyone who has worked at a desk for more than a few months knows that ergonomics is critical for well-being. If you ignore this need for a long time, you can pretty much expect some back pain or a neck problem. Ergonomics addresses the need to be comfortable and free from pain and is vital for long hours and long-term work.  

A comfortable chair is essential. Make sure your feet are firmly on the ground, supporting your weight. Test the chair over time to be sure that it properly supports your back and neck, too, and change positions until you find your resting point.   

You can invest in other ergonomic equipment if you want to, including a comfortable mouse and mouse pad/arm support, an ergonomic keyboard and so on.  

The top of your computer screen should be no higher than eye level when you are sitting down, so adjust heights accordingly to avoid strain. Lighting is also critical to avoid eye strain. Natural lighting is best, but you can add lamps if your desk space doesn’t get enough of it.  

Style and Personality 

After perfecting the functionality of your workstation and sussing out the ergonomics for maximum comfort, you can begin to add your style and personality to the workspace. Focus on aesthetics and making yourself feel warm and happy.  

Make use of calming colors, such as creams, blues, and greens. Add pictures and photos if you want, and maybe houseplants. Set aside a comfortable space on your desk for taking breaks and relaxing with a hot drink.   

Be careful not to clutter up your desk, though. Just add a little touch of personality so that you feel at home in your workspace. A little bit of love goes a long way!


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