Things to look out for when starting a cost-efficient solar energy business

Green power sources have yet to experience their prime, as more and more corporate and individual consumers recognize the environmental impact of our energy expenditure. This is a crucial moment for entrepreneurs. People across the globe are on a mission to adopt a fundamentally better tech and energy usage. Although solar technologies have been prevalent in sunny climates, their lowered cost and increased effectiveness will make them viable virtually anywhere.

Starting a solar energy business has inherent expenses, just like any type of business, including sales commissions, wages, installation costs or taxes. But with some planning, great marketing and careful use of finances, you can be well on your way to starting your business of this renewable energy in a cost-effective way.

Leading Solar technologies

To begin your solar business, you must first know the biggest solar technologies that are currently in use. Nowadays, solar technology enables us to harness the sun’s energy in several ways, giving you flexible ways to employ both the heat and the light of the sun. There are three primary technologies to concentrate on:

  • Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) – This solar tech generates thermal (heat) energy for water, pool, and even space heating. Surprisingly, SHC tech is also used for cooling. This technology is affordable for customers in a variety of climates.
  • Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) – Through the usage of numerous reflective materials, like lenses and mirrors, this solar tech focuses sunlight to create thermal energy as well as electricity. Similar to traditional power plants, many CSP plants are hundreds of megawatts (MW) in size and some of them even provide power after the sun sets.
  • Photovoltaic – This kind of solar technology produces electricity directly – which can then be used, stored, or converted for long distance transmissions. PV panels are made using a large variety of materials and processes which are widely used around the world.
Things to look out for when starting a cost-efficient solar energy business

The tools of the trade

You’ll probably need a van or a large truck to handle all the equipment. Solar Pathfinder is the most important tool you will need in order to determine a location’s solar potential, while mobile map apps can tell you the local latitude and magnetic declination.

If you’re going to install solar panels yourself, you’ll also need to invest in scaffolding solutions since they’re easily assembled and transported. Such work platforms are suited for domestic and commercial projects, enabling installers to work on the roof. Not to mention other construction and electrician equipment like wire strippers, handyman tools, crimpers, and AC/DC multimeters.

Your home as a model

You can save on startup costs by using your own home as a model for solar power use. Next, you can establish a very small storefront. The location will be more important than the size here, as you can establish a model home at your residence. Market tours of your model house to demonstrate the merits of solar power.

You can also show “before and after” energy expenses to your visitors. Use your storefront to display a small solar panel and to schedule appointments to visit your model home. However, ensure that your home is positioned to get the best solar power available before making it a model home. If it doesn’t perform well, it will surely deter potential clientele.

Skills and experiences

To be a successful solar panel businessman, you will need a solid understanding of marketing and how to use it to generate new contracts for your company. Excellent business skills, knowledge of electrical contract work and a background in construction are also a nice bonus.

If you don’t have a construction background and electrician skills, take time to hire reputable technicians with proper licensing and training. Good managerial skills will keep the crew busy, completing jobs on time – as promised. All while keeping payroll expenses under control.

Things to look out for when starting a cost-efficient solar energy business

The solar power industry is still a new branch which offers a lot of potential to ambitious startup owners. However, it is important to stay focused and plan your steps carefully if you want to run an efficient business. Research everything properly, and you will be well on your way to solar success.

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