Cosmos Daisy – Portable Air Conditioner, Heater and Dehumidifier for Your Personal Environment


When your air conditioner unit conks out, or your house is too drafty to maintain a comfortable temperature, a portable air conditioner becomes a lifesaver on a hot day. Once winter hits, it’s time to replace that AC unit with a portable heater that keeps your surrounding atmosphere warm.

Demand for the portable AC cum heater is on rise due to its many advantages such as ready to move, low capital and operating cost, flexibility and more. For space-challenged homes, storing the portable air conditioner and heater is much easier compared to traditional bulky AC and heater. It offers refreshingly cool air and toasty warm heat, solving your heating and cooling needs while freeing up storage space.

One advantage a portable unit has that a central unit doesn’t have is that you don’t have to be a certified HVAC expert to set up one. Installation is easy and straightforward. In a few steps, you can attach the exhaust hose, which is thread through your window.

Several factors come into play regarding coverage area, but the unit’s BTU, or British Thermal Unit, rating is the most important. Essentially, BTUs are a measurement of how much heat an air conditioner can remove or a heater can put out.

Cosmos Daisy – A Portable Air Conditioner, Heater and Dehumidifier

Now a Canadian tech startup, Cosmos Daisy brings a portable air conditioner, heater, and dehumidifier with completely new and modern design. After months of rigorous development, Cosmos Daisy is developed by the experienced engineers.

The device provides a big 3000 BTU cooling and heating power which satisfies your needs. The thermoelectric cooling technology allows Cosmos Daisy to be lightweight and makes easy to take it anywhere you want.

This compact and lightweight device is not an evaporative cooler. It can be used in RV’s, office, home, indoors, outdoors, camping, tents, caravans, cottages and any other space which requires heating or cooling for perfect comfortable environment.

How does it work?

You just need to press a button for cooling or heating requirements. Its advanced and smart control system maintains the right temperature and automatically control the fan speed to personalize your comfort.

The portable device sized at 287.5mm x 283mm x 287.5mm & weighs just 13 lbs (5.8 kg) is simply cools the air by using solid-state devices and exhaust the hot air out the back using the exhaust duct in the box. Air intake for both cold and hot side is located at the bottom. The controlling of fan speed by pushing ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button according to your needs.

It’s working temperature is 12-38 deg C and cooling capacity is 850W. It doesn’t use heating coil. It heats the air by reversing the cycle of solid state devices by changing the polarity of voltage. By reversing the cycle, it exhausts the cool air out the back and by using the exhaust duct you can exhaust the cool air to the outside.

It can cool or heat an area up to 150 sq. ft. No condensate drain is needed for Cosmos Daisy as it uses the recycled condensate technology. It is completely drip and leak proof. It can be run on any voltage available – 12V DC directly or 110VAC/240VAC. It has built in power supply to convert 110V/240V AC to 12V DC.

Cosmos Daisy has all the functions to maintain the perfect temperature, is super quiet (55 db) and equipped with dehumidifier function to maintain the perfect humidity.

An Indiegogo campaign is underway for this product and you can get this portable AC just at $350 (super early bird price). It comes with 15 months’ warranty and completely maintenance free design.

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