Coolala Solar-Powered Portable Air Conditioner For All Your Outdoor and Indoor Cooling Needs

Satisfying your cooling needs during an off-grid outdoor tour is quite challenging, especially when you don’t have a traditional power source and a suitable cooling gadget.  

Solar air conditioning is an advancing technology with some very exciting developments on the horizon.  

The potential of harvesting solar energy as well as your cooling requirement are high when the sun is shining brightly during midday, and that’s also when you want to run the portable air conditioner on full blast.  

Today, solar air conditioning technology is already available on the market with a range of portable air conditioning system.   

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Images credit: Coolala  

When people go to the boat trip, hiking, BBQ, and swimming, they feel very hot. They can only use a small DC electric fan or portable water cooler to cool down. But, it’s no use at all as electric fan generates hot wind and further heat-up the surrounding area.   

Introduction: Coolala

One of the latest among all, a compact and portable solar-powered ‘Coolala’ Air Conditioner is exactly what you expect it to be! It could revolutionize your cooling needs during outdoor and indoor events. It’s truly the gadget of the summer.  

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Images credit: Coolala  

Now get the experience of an in-window AC unit while you are at camping, at picnics, or for off grid living.   As per creator of Coolala, other portable air conditioners are fraught with problems; they have a short battery life or require an often-inaccessible power source.  

You have to worry about running out of battery ever again with Coolala as it is equipped with solar-powered technology to keep you cool all day and night. Its cooling technology works on the ozone-friendly rotary compression refrigeration.  

The Coolala weighs only 7 pounds comes with 100 watts of solar energy, is a 3,500 BTU portable air-conditioner with a battery life of up to 8 hours when fully charged.  

Use of Coolala is very simple – during outdoor usage, connect Coolala to the optional 40,000mAh or 60,000mAh power station with 12V to 24V of charging power and you have a choice of an additional solar panel to harness the Sun energy. You need to just plug-in Coolala into your nearest outlet using the supplied power adaptor for indoor usage.  

Its diminutive size of just 15” x 8” x 12.5” height makes it truly portable air conditioner unit similar to your hand-held fan. The solar panel unit sized at 12”x12”x12” with a power of 100W and weighs only 2.2 lbs.  

The world’s most powerful micro air compressor can cool down up to 150 square feet area!   An inbuilt LED light helps keep the surrounding area illuminated and avoid any interruption to your party or the book reading or any other event.   

Interestingly, their Kickstarter campaign got a fabulous response, hitting a goal of $25,557 USD in just 12 Hours! 


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