New Construction Home Design Trends in 2019

Owning a home that suits your liking is a blessing. It is because you get to enjoy your living place and appreciate it at the same time. As the real estate industry booms in 2019, it is evident that there are new construction home design trends that have cropped up. It has pushed homeowners to go for custom made homes so that they can incorporate these trends and have a fabulous home. In case you are still wondering what some of the trends are, worry not, below is a list of home design trends in 2019.

Unicolor scheme trends

High contrast unicolor or monochromatic scheme trends are cropping up, and homeowners seem to be loving it. It is where you use single colors throughout your home with a little bit of contrast. For instance, pairing white color schemes with some bit of dark finishes to slightly break the monotony. The beauty of monochromatic schemes is that it adds elegance to your home while maintaining its integrity. It is among the few home design trends in 2019 that can enhance your home and make it a perfect living haven.

Open kitchens are making a wave

People no longer want to cook in isolation. It has led to the introduction of open kitchens. It is where the kitchen either in brick accents walls with bright colored décor and monochromatic backsplashes open up to the living room. The design makes an incredible finish in your home by unifying the two most crucial areas of a house into one. This design, however, requires you to have ample space for perfect incorporation.

Amazing fire features

Fireplaces have made their way back to our lives, but this time they are bigger and better. If you start taking a peek at new homes for sale in the market, you will notice they all have one thing in common. A lovely fireplace either outdoors, indoors or both. People are using this trend to make their living spaces unique. The incorporation is being made regardless of the architectural design, the type of interior design, and the size of the home.

Home automation

Technology started invading the real estate industry as soon as it was invented. Right now, the number of smart homes cropping up is doubling every single day. In this, we incorporate technology in your house so that all you have to do is initiate a command. It’s done to switch on lights, open and close the curtains, etc. Home automation is leaving a mark in home design trends, and it seems like it is here to stay.

Green homes

There was a time when nearly every home had a plant somewhere. The difference is that this time they are real plants and not the plastic décors you used to see. People are going green in an attempt to make their home live and healthy. This trend not only adds elegance to home design, but it also makes the house become a home. Some of the most common plants being used include rubber fig, spider plant, and Swiss cheese plant as well as vipers bowstring hemp among others.

Roll-up garage doors

The type of garage door you use is also essential when it comes to convenience and effectiveness. The last thing is to repair a garage door every weekend only because it keeps on having a dent. Roll-up garage doors seem to be the best move to make a fashion statement. They are easy to operate, they take less space, and they are chic. It is why most people are going for them.

Wood finishes

Marbles might be elegant, but wood is trending. This is one of the few home design ideas that no one ever expected they would trend. Right now, hardwood with an elegant veneer is being used to make floors and kitchen cabinets, among others. They have also gone ahead and made their way to skyscraper thanks to their unique and incredible finish. 

Pendant lights

The idea of pendant lights hanging in the kitchen seems to be giving homeowners something to smile about. It is one unique interior design trends that are being used to add glamor to most of the modern homes. You should, however, be keen on the type of pendant lights you use and where you place them. 

Geometric inclusions

As much far as the pattern goes, geometric additions seem to be making a bold entrance in the real estate industry. They are being used to make current homes both fascinating and ideal for human habitation. Oversized patterns and vibrant colors are at the center of this trend, and people seem to be loving them. It is one trend that can be incorporated anywhere and the best replacement for floral patterns. To achieve an impressive finish, you will need the help of an interior designer.

Home offices

Home offices have become the trendiest aspect in 2019. Nearly everyone building a home is creating space for a home office. The trend started once people realized they could work remotely. It is now becoming one of the best trends in 2019, and the good news is that it doesn’t disappoint. People are including floating shelves for books, matte finishes, and splendid home furniture. Others are even taking walk-ins, and this means that the trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

So far, those are some of the best construction home design trends in 2019 that have captured every homeowner. They are not just being used to make our home perfect living space, but they are also being used to make homes efficient. You have to decide which trend best suits your liking and go for it.

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