2 in 1 Two Cities You Can Visit For One Trip

Quite often, we want to boil the ocean and to see/try as much as possible for a short trip. I will not try to convince you to wind down! On the contrary — I suggest doubling impressions. Here are cities, which you can visit for one week or even a weekend.  


You can reach Naples from the Italian capital for two hours and a half on a comfortable train. Two days are going to be enough to visit the main places of interest and understand whether it is worth to go back there in the future.  

2 in 1 Two Cities You Can Visit For One Trip

  Visiting Rome (or the Vatican), you should definitely see Saint Peter’s Dome and walk down the same name square. Come over there as soon as possible: the observation deck is open at 8 A.M. and starting at 9 A.M., one can see a long queue of tourists near the gates.   

Afterward, walk through the Saint Angel castle, cross the Tiber on the bridge and let yourself get lost in the narrow streets of the old city. Spend the second day walking around the Colosseum and the surrounding wrecks, and when the weather is too hot, go see the park at Borghese villa.  

Naples is the city of less richness if to speak about places of interest, than Rome. It is better to simply walk down the streets and absorb the local charm, visiting bars to get coffee: Neapolitan espresso is considered the most delicious in Italy.   

If your soul asks for culture and history, visit the local castles: Castel Nuovo and Castel dell’Ovo. If it is too hot outside, go underground: there are many catacombs and gismols under Naples so you can have an excursion.  


2 in 1 Two Cities You Can Visit For One Trip

  It is not difficult to visit two Scandinavian capitals for one trip and, by the way, a trip to Stockholm through Helsinki will be cheaper than directly. There are passage boats go between Finland and Sweden.   

For example, you can begin your trip to Helsinki at 5:30 P.M. and the next day in the morning reaching out to Stockholm.    Two days are going to be just enough to see the Finish capital. It is nice and easy to walk down the streets, which will, in any case, lead you to the waterfront and Cathedral church.   

Kampin silence chapel is a must see, let alone Temppeliaukion church in the rock, Sibelius monument, and Esplanade Park. If you feel like seeing the city at a height, go to Finnair SkyWheel on the waterfront.  

Stockholm will manage to charm you even for two days. Begin your trip from the center of the city, where all the main places of interest are located: Royal Palace, Reichstag building, Saint Nicholas church and German church, the narrowest alley, and the smallest monument.   

Spend the second day walking down the waterfront, see Djurgården island with amusement parks and interesting museums.  


2 in 1 Two Cities You Can Visit For One Trip

  A trip to Amsterdam is beautiful because one can reach out the city on the train to many beautiful places around. Many tourists underestimate Brussels because they think there is nothing to do.   

You can see for yourself. There is all the more reason for this as it will take no more than two hours to reach out from Holland to Belgium.   

Everything depends on your interests. The city is good for both youth who can throw one’s cap over the windmill (in some ways) and history and art lovers. You can enjoy walking down the streets along the channels, ride a bicycle, spend time drinking coffee in the coffee shops, and in the evening, see the windowsills of the Red Lantern area.   

Visit Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum in the morning, visit a house of Anna Frank and Rembrandt museum.  

Brussels is more rigorous and decorous city. Start viewing the city from a historical centre, where the marketplace is located, Saint Michael`s Cathedral and Basilique du Sacré-Cœur. Walking down the streets, do not go through Manneken Pis: a sculptural symbol of Brussels is not big at all, many tourists find it right away.   

Go for more up-to-date impressions to Atrium, which is an enlarged copy of iron molecule. There is a viewing point in the upper sphere with a wonderful view and Mini-Europe park in the foot with a miniature of the most beautiful European Union places of interest.  


2 in 1 Two Cities You Can Visit For One Trip

    If to rent a car in Prague, a choice of the neighboring cities for viewing will be large — you can visit Czech Republic (go to Karlovy Vary and Brno, see castles), and to reach out Austria and Germany. You are going to need two days to see Dresden too.  

As for Prague, two days are not going to be enough. It feels like seeing this atmospheric medieval city with unusual architecture over and over again. Visit Prague Castle and saint Vita cathedral.   

It is nice to go back there in the evening when the cathedral backlighting and looks like a carved flashlight. See the city at the height — for that come up on the viewing point of Petřínska rozhledna.   

Walk down the narrow streets with colorful houses and cross the river on famous Karlův most, in order to reach out Staroměstské náměstí with amazing astronomical clocks.   

It will take less than two hours and here you go, you are in the city burn down to ashes at the end of the Second World War, we live in today. It is not the most popular tourist place, but it makes it more valuable to spend a few days there.   

Start seeing the city from the old centre, Altstadt with Frauenkirche church, which held its ground при at bombardment, but then still ruined and kept being ruined for 40 years for descendants. It is reconstructed now and a wonderful view of the city is opened.   

Look at Art Academy, Semper Opera, Zwinger Palace complex. If you want to get a feel for art, visit the Dresden picture gallery, where you may see pictures of Vermeer and Rembrandt.   

And of course, enjoy walking the waterfront and the streets. You can see the wonderful building in Dresden and even the whole blocks (for example, a vivid independent Neustadt).  

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