The Best Cannabis Strains for Focus and Clarity

Cannabis can do many things. Indeed, it is amongst the many natural medicinal substances that people use to relieve and alleviate various therapeutic conditions. Besides helping with some health conditions, some particular class of cannabis helps a person stay focused throughout the day. A study shows that marijuana helps treat many health problems. 

According to Wikipedia, cannabis produces psychological effects, including euphoria and increased creativity. Therefore, you can work within a short time to finish that project or handle chores at home.  

Staying focused and the ability to think clearly during working hours is not always easy. Procrastination, distractions, and stress can keep you down. Also, whether it is a general problem with focusing or due to ADHD, some people find specific cannabis strains helpful.

They provide stimulating effects that help you concentrate. A study shows that cannabis may help people manage their ADHD. 

Many people are cultivating cannabis for these reasons. However, cultivating cannabis can be challenging, but knowing the elements that different types of cannabis need help make your cultivation journey easy.

How does cannabis improve focus and clarity?

Indeed, marijuana can help increase your creativity. Research shows an intriguing connection between creativity and cannabis use. Therefore, using cannabis improves your capability to connect seemingly unrelated ideas. Helping you think out of the box makes you tackle that project faster and be more productive either at work or at home. 

The best cannabis strains for focus and clarity

The following unique cannabis strains help you with your focus and clarity:

1. Harlequin 

It is a unique cannabis Sativa strain that is massively dominant in CBD. It contains low THC content to help you stay focused. It is a suitable cannabis strain to use during working hours because it does not produce psychoactive effects (no “high” effects). According to Quora, CBD-rich Harlequin eliminates anxiety, relieves pain, makes you happier, and calmer. Also, it suppresses the psycho-effects of THC. 

Attributes of Harlequin:

  • CBD to THC ratio is 5:2, and for this reason, it leads to no to minimal psychoactive effects depending on the doses you take.
  • It is a Sativa dominant strain.
  • It produces flowery, sweet aroma and flavor with a mix of elements of earth, spice, and fruit.
  • It takes eight to nine weeks to cultivate before you harvest.
  • It is a breed of three brilliant cannabis Sativa strains; Swiss Sativa landrace, Thai Sativa landrace, and Colombian Gold.


It produces light, clear-headed high to allow you to sustain ultimate focus as well as motivation. It does not cloud your mind or create a fog.  You can consume this strain at any time during the day and in any environment since its high CBD amount counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. Therefore, Harlequin gives you the balance and energy that you need.  

2. Cannadential 


  • It has around 22% THC content. 
  • A perfect hybrid of indica/Sativa having a ratio of 50:50.
  • Its flowering period is approximately eight to nine weeks before you harvest.
  • It produces prominent, pungent smell with a mix of earth and diesel, and added nuttiness and sage.
  • A breed of LA Confidential indica and Cannalope Haze Sativa.  


It is a hybrid that does not excessively sleep-inducing. Instead, it is uplifting and energizing cannabis strain. Also, it brings subtle but sweet euphoria that is pleasant. It helps you tackle your tasks, be creative, and gain the inspiration you need.  According to Quora, Sativa strains help a person “get things done”. Therefore, this strain has 50% Sativa and can help you tackle your tasks.

3. Green crack 

It provides energizing and stimulating effects that help you start your day without any crash afterwards.


  • Though it contains 35% indica and 65% Sativa, it is a cannabis strain under Sativa.
  • The THC content of around 15-20% but it does not lead to dysfunction.
  • It requires seven to nine weeks to flower and be ready to harvest.
  •  It produces citrusy and fruity smell with hints of pine and earth.


According to Quora, Green crack stimulates an invigorating mental buzz to keep you going throughout the day. The strain boosts your energy to tackle your projects/assignments/chores all day long. It is a daytime cannabis strain that can help combat fatigue, depression, and stress.

4. Mother’s Helper 

It is amongst the ultimate cannabis hybrid strain that assists people with ADHD/ADD. Therefore, it combats a lack of focus and clarity due to ADHD. 


  • Has about 20-26% THC content and 1-2 hits is ideal for a beginner smoker.
  • It is a genetic crossing of Northern Lights #5 and Chocolope Sativa to offer an exclusive and fascinating experience.
  • It has a coffee-like, sweet, and earthy smell.
  • Its average flowering period is about eight to nine weeks before you harvest.
  • 50:50 Indica to Sativa ratio due to the perfect balance of its parent strains.


According to Quora, balanced hybrid clears your mind, makes you happy, keep you focused, and thoughtful. Therefore, Mother’s Helper is a perfect hybrid and may provide these benefits. 

5. Cinex 

It is a productivity-inducing cannabis strain because it stimulates productivity. It is easy to cultivate, and you can find it in many dispensaries as well as recreational pot shops. Cinex is a tasty strain that gives you the focus you require. 


  • Has 25% THC content.
  • A breed of Cinderella 99 hybrid and Vortex Sativa.
  • Its Sativa to indica ratio is 60:40.
  • Grоwing Takes about seven to nine weeks flowering stage, after which it is ready to harvest.
  • It has skunky, pungent aroma with additional elements of earthy, citrus, and sweet flavours.


It is energizing and uplifting strain. It leaves your body and mind feeling positive, happy, and motivated. Also, it helps you rediscover the innate passion and boost for genuine motivation to work handle your projects/chores.  


Choosing amongst the above cannabis strains will help with your focus and clarify problems. Also, you can seek additional information about these strains from your dispensary. You can get your cannabis seeds from the dispensary if you choose to cultivate cannabis plants. Luckily, you can compare on high supplies for your marijuana seeds requirement.

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