Canadian Nofel Izz Invention ‘Aqua Dynamo’ an Eco-Friendly Tidal Turbine Saves Marine Life

Tidal energy, unlike many other forms of renewable energy, is a consistent source of kinetic energy caused by regular tidal cycles influenced by the phases of the moon.

The inherent predictability of tidal power is highly attractive for grid management, removing the need for back-up plants powered by fossil fuels.
Also, water is 832 times denser than air and can produce the same electricity with 1/10 of the velocity as with a wind turbine.
As per estimates, the global potential of tidal stream energy capacity could exceed 120 GW.
In addition to helping reduce carbon emissions, the tidal energy sector can bring significant economic benefits.
Image credit: Aqua Dynamo
Canadian entrepreneur Nofel lzz has invented a tidal turbine ‘Aqua Dynamo’ that can harness the kinetic energy found in moving bodies of water.
It produces 50-3000 MW of power using tidal currents under water and saves marine life.
The vertical-axis blades provide a safer marine environment compared to the blades in existing tidal turbines.
This patent pending turbine also includes designs of mini hydrofoils that change the motion of the water as it passes through the blades.
The pods generate 1 megawatt of power on a 5 m/s current. Therefore a 5 m/s current would generate 500 megawatts. This is comparable to the average coal plant, which also comes with many negative environmental implications.
How does it work?

  • Turbine is mounted to a foundation structure and set onto the ocean floor. The weight of the structure keeps it in place – no drilling required 

  • Tidal currents cause the blades to rotate, powering a generator that produces electricity. The output varies however is predictable with the tides. 
  • Underwater cables carry the electricity to an onshore station
  • The station is connected to the grid which distributes the electricity
Image credit: Aqua Dynamo

These turbines generate enough clean energy to power over 3 million homes while taking up only 200 acres or less of water space.

The current cost of constructing tidal turbines that are able to generate 3000 MW is approximately $3 billion, according to Izz, reports ET.
Rotor blades rotate slowly at 7-15rpm therefore it saves the underwater marine-life.
Due to cost effective and eco-friendly invention, it could be used by the developing countries to satisfy the power needs.
Aqua Dynamo is currently seeking investors that share its vision of clean and safe energy.


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