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Owning a heater is a priority for most of the homeowners now a day, as the temperatures are stooping really low and this requirement for warmth is important for the health of an individual. There are numerous types of heaters available in the market and before making any choice, it is necessary to determine one’s own requirements. 

In case if the requirement is only to heat a specific area of the house, you can definitely opt for the split heating systems as these can work out reasonably and expenditure in the installation is also not high. Ducted heating provides warmth to the complete home as it is centralized and keeping every room warm and inviting works well for all homes.

Reasons why to go for Ducted Heating:

Ducted Heating
There are multiple benefits to the ducted heating systems and thus it is preferred by most of the homeowners:
  • Eco-friendly and Cost-effective: As compared to the other heating systems, ducted heating system’s cost is considerably less. This means you can enjoy the comfort of balanced temperatures throughout the year. Most of the manufacturers offering ducted heating systems also offer ratings for efficiency. Choosing a high-efficiency ducted heating can offer the high level of comfort. These systems tend to be more energy efficient if you can manage to keep the vents clean and ensure that these are properly sealed and installed.
  • Level of Control: With a number of styles and designs in these ducted heating systems, you can also opt for the one which offers you the freedom to control the temperature. This works as an added convenience. Homeowners can make sure that there is no wastage of energy by controlling the running of these systems.
  • Comfortable Heating: Heating systems which are powered by the reverse cycle systems or even wood generated heat which is more on the drier side which is uncomfortable and is also irritating. Ducted heating systems eliminate all types of discomfort as the comfortable heating is only due to the fact that the central heating unit is placed outdoors. 

Maintenance of Ducted Heating Systems:

Ducted Heating
Ensure that you approach reputed professionals for a regular maintenance of your ducted heating systems. This helps in increasing the life of these systems and can also help it in running with maximum efficiency for a long period of time. The standard Maintenance carried out by the professionals include:

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  • Removing the fan and cleaning the dust and then reinstating it.
  • Cleaning of ceiling outlets and inlets
  • Checking of balancing of the outlet air flow
  • Checking out the integrity of the ducting systems which include vermin damage, connections and more
  • Checking the electrical connections.
  • Checking and cleaning the gable/eave or probably the roof cowl condensation, inlet and fly mesh
  • Checking the filter sock

DIY Cleaning of Ducted Heating:

By following some of the major cleaning tips, ensure that these systems are operational same throughout the year.
  • Change the air filter at least twice a year even if it is of the best qualities.
  • Nothing too large can be placed at the bottom of the specific vent as this tends to lead to accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • The vent grates need to be removed and washed with warm soapy water. Do not replace them until these are completely dry.
  • In case if there is a spill on the vent, then make sure to wipe this with a cloth which is damp.
Choose a reputed manufacturer for the required ducted heating systems, this ensures that the quality of the product and the services are provided. You can also compare two or more products so that you select the one which fits perfectly to your requirement. 


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